Breeder Nation by KaraMichelleBooks
Breeder Nation by Kara Michelle Science Fiction
Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of ferti...
DarkWeb by TaliaVines
DarkWeb by Talia Vines Mystery / Thriller
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} {Highest Rank #1 Mystery/Thriller} When the FBI approaches 22 year old Wren Bower to work as an informant, she knows she'll take the job no matt...
The Kissing Contract by amberrosie05
The Kissing Contract by Amber Rose George ChickLit
{COMPLETED} #22 IN CHICKLIT When life gets you down, you make a deal with the devil. And for Elle King, the tin of worms she opened up lead to a whole tale of bad. The s...
The Masked Murderer  by DawnKelli
The Masked Murderer by DawnKelli Horror
Olivia Chastain's life was seemingly perfect until she was violently thrust into a nightmare that would haunt her for years to come. Kidnapped by a sadistic murderer, Ol...
Magcon's New Girl ♡ (major editing) by latinaxprincess
Magcon's New Girl ♡ (major editing) by —princess adela❥ Fanfiction
Highest Ranking Book at #16 In Fan-Fiction on January 10, 2017 -Wattpad _________________________________ WARNING: many chapters to make you laugh, cry, snort, chuckle...
Pregnant By My Boss | ✓ by JayJay750
Pregnant By My Boss | ✓ by Jawayne Keize Romance
She was poor but smart. She got a scholarship to a school in New York so she had to live with her uncle. Her parents have died. Her uncle abused her causing her to run a...
TWD: Just Another Reason to Hold On (Daryl x Reader) by xXMsTigeressXx
TWD: Just Another Reason to Hold O... by xXMsTigeressXx Fanfiction
THIS FANFIC WILL UPDATE EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. "No feelings," you say. "You mustn't have feelings" His ice cold blue eyes, his signature crossbow...
The Best Of The Best On Wattpad by Wowchilee
The Best Of The Best On Wattpad by H.N. Von Ward Random
The Best Of The Best Stories on wattpad that surpass all others! Genres from werewolf, vampire, other supernatural, teen fiction, romance, medieval, even the stories w...
How to Hit the Hot List - Standing out in the World of Wattpad by CarolynLorelle
How to Hit the Hot List - Standing... by CarolynLorelle Random
Here you are on Wattpad, ready to share your stories with the world! There's just one problem: the world doesn't seem to be coming. If you want to learn how to get your...
The Billionaire and His Chef by ExoticRain
The Billionaire and His Chef by ExoticRain ChickLit
#1 highest ranking in Rising(Chicklit) #21 highest ranking in Hot (Chicklit) Bella is mastering in Culinary Arts at her university. She was looking for a job and g...
Barbie Dolls by kxngrick23
Barbie Dolls by Kxng General Fiction
*Reconstruction at the beginning, read at your risk* Those girls are the perfect size, Never have runny or imperfect makeup, Talented, Never trip, Never cry, Those girls...
Project Gemini (WATTYS 2016 WINNER!) by EmilyCharlotteCooledge
Project Gemini (WATTYS 2016 WINNER... by Emily Charlotte Cooledge Science Fiction
Man created superheroes, and now they hunt them. A terror attack on London kills Britain's top geneticist and destroys life as nineteen year old Eva Saunders knows it...
Light by SomeGamerGirl
Light by Olleanna Rozana General Fiction
Holly feels trapped by her life and is ready to leave her dysfunctional family, failing grades and bullying peers behind. Convinced that the future is bleak, Holly decid...
The Darkening of Cedar Grove  by DawnKelli
The Darkening of Cedar Grove by DawnKelli Horror
When Lisa McIntyre and her family move to Cedar Grove, she and her little brother Caden know there's something wrong with the town. On the surface it seems like a typica...
SLASHER by bio_lumini_sc3nci4_
SLASHER by misterio_mental Mystery / Thriller
Un grupo de amigos ("Aliados"), se verán amenazados cuando un supuesto seguidor anónimo de Instagram comience a publicar todo tipo de cosas, desde cuchillos en...
F r o  Y o by Stephj_writes
F r o Y o by Stephanie J. Short Story
In which a boy hits on the girl who works at the frozen yoghurt stand.
Read for Read by michele_ale
Read for Read by Michele Ale Random
Coordinate with others for special opportunities like read for reads!
Arvium by EMAudrey
Arvium by Elle Audrey Science Fiction
~Book 1 in the I.L.S. Beta Game series~ Arvium is the first city in the I.L.S. Beta Game, a famed virtual reality game that picks the best and brightest students from ar...
Shoot For The Stars Awards (CLOSED) by sfts-awards
Shoot For The Stars Awards (CLOSED) by #SFTS Awards Random
Ranked #771 In Random /12.04.17 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Welcome to our first ever Shoot For The Stars Awards! This is a writing competition. Check this book for updat...
Love Of A Teenage Girl ✔️  by thegirlwhowroteit2
Love Of A Teenage Girl ✔️ by Nadia Haitham Romance
"Dear Diary ..." She fell in love with him but she knew they would never end up as anything else than friends. She knew she'd always be in the friendzone. Poo...