The Makeover by itssaleena
The Makeoverby Saleena
Rosalie has been teased all her life because she wasn't pretty, and to be honest she never really cared. She went with the flow and if looking like a mess was apart of i...
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  • high-school
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Love/Fail by Blondeanddangerous
Love/Failby Kate J. Squires
Have you ever felt like a failure in love and life in general? Mia's year has been an epic fail so far - she's lost her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend. But rat...
  • failure
  • friends
  • chicklit
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Kissing Frogs by KiaraLondon
Kissing Frogsby Kiara Renée
Because some of us fail at love. | WATTPAD PICKS 3/2/18 |
  • teenfiction
  • kiaralondon
  • romance
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Finding Mrs. Right by LemonNavyBlue
Finding Mrs. Rightby Sunny
"Are you dumb? You sent me on a blind date with a psycho killer!" "At least that ticks off one of the boxes 'adventurous'" Sarah reassured with a s...
  • curlyhair
  • dating
  • list
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Just Your Classic Shy Girl Meets Bad Boy by SunnyLeo09
Just Your Classic Shy Girl Meets Leo
Mia Holland lost her parents in car crash so she had to move with her Aunt Sophia. Mia then had to start a new school, worst fact is that the school's bad boy Sam Blake...
  • mia
  • girl
  • kiss
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Test Results  by wecanbegolden
Test Results by a l l i e
"Hey what's the answer to question 6?" "I honesty have no idea what you're talking about" {started 10/9/16} cover by me
  • story
  • wattys2017
  • textmessages
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Hetalia pick up lines by Emilysays03
Hetalia pick up linesby The Mage of fandoms
I take request
  • fail
  • hetalia
  • america
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101 Texts that will have you ROFL by themissperfect
101 Texts that will have you ROFLby themissperfect
We all Text, don't we? And we all just LOVE a Great laugh! So, "101 Texts that will make you ROFL" a book, that will be filled with texting Humours, A book, I...
  • short
  • humour
  • wattys2017
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A Book of Rush's Horrible "Art" [COMPLETED] by RainingFaye
A Book of Rush's Horrible "Art" [ no mourners no funerals
A book of my awful drawings :P
  • fail
  • autodesksketchpro
  • marilan
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The Misfit- a Mullette fic by Dank_Frying_Pan
The Misfit- a Mullette ficby Dank_Frying_Pan
This is a modern day highschool au Mullette fic hope you enjoy!
  • mulligan
  • laffayette
  • fail
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Daughter Of Eris (Percy Jackson AU) by DemonicAngel70
Daughter Of Eris (Percy Jackson AU)by DemonicAngel70
Sorry, very first fanfic, probably sucks. Airlia, a beautiful Greek name meaning Ethereal. Airlia, a beautiful girl. But there's a catch. She's not human. In fact, she's...
  • mythology
  • freak
  • eris
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Failure of Oxytocin by writingsaved_me
Failure of Oxytocinby Grace J.
Random poetry. No other explanation needed. ~~~ Basically all my thoughts and emotions on failed love, etc. Wrapped in poetry with a bow on top.
  • fail
  • feelings
  • love
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Weird texts I have had by Grimmlover2000
Weird texts I have hadby Castiel Trash
  • weird
  • text
  • funny
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Lost Empress by ChocoBerryScotch
Lost Empressby ChocoBerryScotch
Wandering in the journey of life, we just got lost in the process to find our real self. Is that's what happenes to everyone?...... Just fading in our own worlds. Maybe...
  • depression
  • present
  • fail
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Funny Autocorrects and Texts by Goddess3
Funny Autocorrects and Textsby Gena
Here are some funny autocorrects I got online. I do not own them. Hope you like it!!!
  • texting
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  • funny
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in which the gucci expensive shit (aka me) rates your aesthetic account for her pleasure :D
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come back to me || jihancheol by gyuterte
come back to me || jihancheolby gyu for it
"I-- I'm sorry." I shook my head. "I am sorry for breaking up with you without even giving you an explanation. I am sorry for being such a coward. I am s...
  • 95line
  • 17
  • hyungline
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Mobile Legends Randomness!!!! by DumbPig
Mobile Legends Randomness!!!!by Piggy
Lollolololol!! Random things about MLBB!! Woooooooo!!! (My writing sucks keep cringing!)
  • troll
  • zilong
  • trash
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Art Helps Me Stay Sane [ArtBook 2] by Moonlit_Skye
Art Helps Me Stay Sane [ArtBook 2]by [SKYE]
Welcome to my second art book! :3 (Reference pictures used unless said otherwise.)
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