I Remember You Somehow

I Remember You Somehow

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Avee and Shaan By Snoopy0Skittles Completed

Have you ever loved someone who doesn't even know you?Enter Lance Rifford. His perfect life went down hill after the love of his life met an accident. When she woke up , She can't even remember the name Lance Rifford because of partial amnesia.Who is Lance Rifford? The guy who sacrificed so much just to be with her.

Did you ever crushed one someone who doesn't even know you? Rose does. She likes someone who doesn't even know she exists. But with a help of Zach, a guy she accidentally met, she gets the chance to get closer to her crush. But what if the person who is actually helping you is the one who you are actually getting closer to?

Sam Elite, a new girl on a new school, is far from her home just to to be far from the guy who tries to forget. But fate seems to play with her, what if the one you are running from is coincidentally following you? Is just coincidence or not?

Three hearts, three love stories that you will remember...somehow ;)

  • accident
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  • anniversay
  • back
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Free2BeFree Free2BeFree Mar 03, 2012
complicated but AWESOME!!!!!!!
                              please check out my story: http://www.wattpad.com/3611005-the-transformation 
                              I hope it is worthy of your read
Lost_in_LaLa_Land Lost_in_LaLa_Land Dec 16, 2011
Hmm. I like your writing. But you made a type. :) It's supposed to be "But you're cute whenever you blush," she pouts." cx Yeah, I mention the tiny mistake...
AliceCrown AliceCrown Dec 04, 2011
oh my god... break my heart.
                              this is so incredibly sad. i love it :)
Snoopy0Skittles Snoopy0Skittles May 04, 2011
@Greeneyes72 Thank you!:))
                              Really you like the title? :)) we were having some problems before on how to name this story :DD
Snoopy0Skittles Snoopy0Skittles Apr 17, 2011
@bandgeek13 haha=)) other way around!:)) your brother Lance doesn't know any Hazel =))))))
Snoopy0Skittles Snoopy0Skittles Apr 16, 2011
@junebee sorry:) but that's kind of a bad habit of mine XD 
                              I'll edit it and be more careful next time:)
                              Thank you!:)