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Someone To Protect {A Sesshomaru x Kagome Love Story} [COMPLETED] by KagomeUzumakiUchiha
Someone To Protect {A Sesshomaru x...by Mrs. Kagome Uchiha
Inuyasha tries to kill Kagome in order for Kikyo's soul to be whole again. But she was rescued by the Lord Demon Dog, Sesshomaru. He has someone to protect. {Started th...
Kagome's older sister (Sesshomaru OC x Cannon) by CherryBombBabe101
Kagome's older sister (Sesshomaru...by CherryBombBabe101
Saki is Kagome's older sister, she's 19 and Kagome is 15. Saki still lives in the old shrine with her family and helps them with everyday life.. that is.. after she lose...
Time Traveler Katsumi by Weezie_24
Time Traveler Katsumiby weezerz2490
Katsumi Dubois thought she was just your average American girl, until she visited a certain Japanese shrine. Join Katsumi on her journey through feudal Japan with Inuyas...
A Blend Of Kindness And Cruelty: Sesshoumaru Love Story by Taishou_Angie
A Blend Of Kindness And Cruelty: S...by Taishou Angie
"Listen here. I just had to say that... I will protect you." He said. She stared at him for a moment, then sighed and looked down, disappointed. He started wal...
A Demon's Fox [COMPLETED] by KagomeUzumakiUchiha
A Demon's Fox [COMPLETED]by Mrs. Kagome Uchiha
Naruto is gay. Naruto is a neglected child. Naruto lived in miserable life with his twin sister Mito and his parents Kushina and Minato because they don't care about him...
In Return [Sesshomaru × Reader] by jasmon3y
In Return [Sesshomaru × Reader]by jasmine.
After [Y/n] miraculously saves the life of the cold hearted demon Sesshomaru, he falls deeply in love with her. He searches for his beloved for years, until one night h...
An Endless Journey Of Love ~ Sesshomaru X Reader by Ak1zaV
An Endless Journey Of Love ~ Sessh...by Ak1za
You're a girl who grew up in a wealthy family, with a love for music and traveling. You set out to see the world, when you happen to meet Sesshomaru out in the grassy hi...
A Flower and A Dog Demon (Sesshomaru Fanfiction) by _ihavemydays
A Flower and A Dog Demon (Sesshoma...by Kai
When the wolf demon known as Hana grows weary of her tribes lifestyles and runs away, she stumbles upon many new faces - one of those being that of Sesshomaru, Lord of...
A Demon's Curse: Inuyasha FanFictions by sesshomaru_itachi
A Demon's Curse: Inuyasha FanFicti...by Rose
A demons slayer names Nayumi crosses paths with her sister. The same sister she thought was dead. To make things worse, she finds out that her little sister, Rin, is tra...
For My Lord (Inuyasha Fanfic)(Boyxboy) by QuixoticQuill
For My Lord (Inuyasha Fanfic)(Boyx...by Quixotic Quill
It's no secret that lesser demons are used by their stronger kin. While some may squirm and grumble at being controlled and subjugated, the lower ranks of dog demons hav...
Someone To Protect •• Sesshomaru love story by zavala2013
Someone To Protect •• Sesshomaru l...by Bunny ^_^ ♥♥♥♥
When the 4th great ninja world was over, everything went back to normal but Sakura never went to sasuke because she didn't have any feelings for him.a strange thing happ...
Sesshomaru's Twin Sister by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Twin Sisterby Dodocjskeidcmks
The sister of the Great Sesshomaru of the West has come about. She roams the lands being the only Miko Inu demoness in all of Japan. How will her appearance impact the g...
Stuff Happens (Sesshomaru X OC) REWRITE by TheScreamingEgg
Stuff Happens (Sesshomaru X OC) RE...by The Screaming Egg
Akane wakes up in the world beyond the well with no memory of what happened or even who she is, the Higurashi take her in. Twenty years later Kagome and Akane fall into...
His Changing Heart (Sesshomaru X Reader) by Katherine_771
His Changing Heart (Sesshomaru X R...by Katherine
You live in the present time. you're a 17 year old girl who is quite different from people. When you get pushed down a well at a shrine by a fox spirit that you helped...
When Two Fates Meet (Sesshomaru x Oc) by Kaicosz
When Two Fates Meet (Sesshomaru x...by Kai💕👌🏻
As Kagome has gone to the Feudal Era of Japan to spend the rest of her life with Inuyasha, she has had to leave her family behind. As her younger sister, Yuki, goes to v...
Lord Sesshomaru & Rin; After Naraku by AbztractIsight
Lord Sesshomaru & Rin; After Narakuby Abztract Isight
You're Such A Mutt (Sesshomaru) - UNDER EDITING by Euphina
You're Such A Mutt (Sesshomaru)...by Euphina
The daughter of a high lord from The Continent had spent her whole life confined to her village with no contact to the outside world. When something drastic happens in h...
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The twin*ON HOLD* by KiannMariee
The twin*ON HOLD*by Kiannmariee
What if Kagome wasn't the only girl in her family? What if she had a twin that was forced to go with her wherever she went? This is the story of how me and Koga fell in...
Inuyasha Boyfriend Scenarios by Lexi1243473536
Inuyasha Boyfriend Scenariosby Anime_Scenarios
NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME AT ALL Inuyasha Koga Sesshomaru Miroku Naraku
//Demon in the Light// Sesshomaru x reader by hazzaslytherin
//Demon in the Light// Sesshomaru...by oof...
(y/n) is the daughter of the storm god Yamato, and with the death of her father she has finally inherited his powers and is off to slay Naraku (her father's killer). (y...