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Hi loves! Chasing Red is getting published! The links are now up if you want to pre-order your copy. ● My name is Isabelle and I'm a lover of belly laughs and snorts and I eat French fries and oranges a lot and I'm in love with kind, compassionate people and you can usually find me in coffee shops or at the beach when it's not frozen solid and I live in Canada. ● Facebook fanpage: Instagram Twitter ● No reading or translation requests please. My books are only posted on Wattpad. Please report and let me know if you see them on any other website. Thank you so much.
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🌼 HI IM LUCY 🌼 🌸 covers 🌸 ✨@hoette ✨@crystalliize 🌸 social media 🌸 ✨ instagram; l.oosey ✨ snapchat; l.ucayy 🌸 reading lists for my books 🌸 ✨ random ✨ short stories
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Hey everyone :) -Beta of the @Clawpack -Birthday May 9th -Taurus's rule!! -Instagram is @MommaShifter66 (Austin Wolf) -Twitter is @possiblites2 or just type in Music. -Email is -Castiel and Horan girl ;)
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Published author, Wattpad Star and Ambassador. *I'm a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. You will always get a healthy amount of romance in all of my stories (maybe a little more). Prince with benefits is published under POP FICTION BOOKS in the Philippines!! :) Amazon Link: Hopelessly Imperfect (book 1 Imperfect Series) Amazon Link: Perfectly Imperfect (book 2 Imperfect Series) PLEASE DON'T ADVERTISE ON MY STORIES/PROFILE. *Due to lack of time, I can't take reading requests, sorry!* You can find me here:- FB GROUP: Gaby Cabezut's Squad Goodreads: Amazon author page: Twitter: @gabycabezut Snapchat: gabbycabezut Instagram: gabycabezut Don't hesitate to message or tweet me. I might take forever sometimes but I always answer :) ****Thank you for all you amazing support!****
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shevon l. | novice writer hello! thank you for clicking on my profile. have you read my latest stories yet? they're all available here and i try my best to update frequently, so do check them out. if you're new here, are you looking to join the academy? no worries! just follow me here, and consider yourself a part of our big meilleur family! #meilleureans "aren't we all waiting for someone to read us, praying that they tell us that we make sense?" - rudy francisco, a lot like you. for the latest updates and sneak-peeks to what i've been up to, follow my official facebook page to always be in the know! s o c i a l ig | shevonleck snapchat | shevviepoo younow | sheverspebbles soundcloud | shvie for urgent inquiries, please contact me at w o r k s ♕ the lonely king (#1) | ✓ ♕ blurred lines (#2) | ✓ ♕ begin again (#3) | ongoing ♕ grey walls (#2.5) | ✓ ♕ character files | subject to changes ♕ this christmas (x'mas spin-off) | ✓ ✎ wings | ✓ c o m i n g s o o n ✎ kings and queens ✎ the smith theory ✎ harmony ✎ the silence of hollywood ✎ when the sun goes down (formerly 'the dimension') ✎ brain juice ✎ the skin on our bones r a t e / r e v i e w f a n p a g e s instagram | @robinoswaldclair instagram | @theroyalseries if you have created a fanpage for my book series, please let me know so that i can give you a follow! l e g e n d ✓ completed ✎ stand-alone novels ♕ the royals series * n o t e i currently do not take reading/translation requests. have something to say? leave a message on my wall! i do my best to reply. oh, and i really love cherry blossoms. a c h i e v e m e n t s • the lonely king #1 in teen fic • blurred lines #6 in teen fic • begin again #3 in teen fic • grey walls #9 in ss • wings #8 in ss • the royals series ranking #2 (tlk), #16 (ba), #19 (bl) on teen fic's what's hot list (16/09/16)
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❝I may look like a potato now, but one day I'll turn into fries and you'll all want me then‪‬.❞ - Unknown. I'm just a seventeen-year-old girl that likes to make people laugh using horrible puns, sarcasm and dirty jokes. T r a v e l i n g T w e n t y O n e p i l o t s V a n i l l a P u r p l e D e i g o B a r r u e c o P o p c o r n L a u g h t e r S w e a t e r W e a t h e r B e i g e M y B e d W h i t e C h o c o l a t e D i m p l e s N u t e l l a B u b b l e B a t h s M o v i e s R o s e s T e e n W o l f G l i t t e r C a n d l e s C h u c k B a s s T a t t o o s H a l s e y M e l a n i e M a r t i n e z L o l i p o p s I am so grateful to every single one of my followers and readers. You all mean the world to me and I love you guys so much. [Will unfortunately be on hiatus until late November] T w i t t e r : I n s t a g r a m : S n a p c h a t : laylz_k
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| xix | slytherin | tomione | dramione | lucissa | death eater | klaroline | coffee addict | A B S O L U T E P E R F E C T I O N: • Tom Felton • Tom Hughes • Eddie Redmayne • Dan Stevens • Michael Fassbender (I like older men, sue me) Stand-Alone Books: ∞ The Mating Season | ✓ ∞ Into The Spotlight | ✓ ∞ Burning Castles | ongoing Falling for A Womaniser Series: ∞ Bad For Me | published ∞ The Greek Playboy's Girl | published ∞ Loving A Criminal | ✓ ∞ Loving You | ✓ ∞ That One Kiss | ✓ I'm on tumblr: Get a copy of Bad for Me and The Greek Playboy's Girl and their prequels here: Sign up on my blog: I'm on Goodreads: I'm on Facebook:
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➵ COLOR YOUR LIBRARY! There's a book here for you, I guarantee. :) ➵ Please don't PM for covers! Comment your requests on the introduction chapter of BCIV! ➵ Also, please don't ask how I make my covers, "book covers tips" coming soon! ➵Please do not translate my books or my works into any other language of any kind! I'm working on an international profile and any and all unauthorized translation(s) will be infringement of copyright law. <3 ➵Please ask before creating fanfictions using my ideas and/or my characters, and be sure to explicitly credit me! ➵ Solicitation/advertisement = immediate block. ➵ This is the second official account of author and user @Jane_Conquest . Welcome to the Conqueror family! Be sure to check out the books on the main! ➵ I also own a fanfiction profile! To read my fanfiction, search for user @JaneConquestFanfic ! 4/8/16 -- ZSI hit 1m! 10/28/16 -- Texts hit 1m! 1/12/17 -- ZSII hit 1m! ➵ In writing news, I'm currently working on: • Trial • OCD • ACSS&RS • Trial (the Graphic Novel) • See Her • March • Poetry ➵ In other news: • Official Instagram: • Official Twitter: • Business Email: • Official Pinterest: ➵ Thank you to all of my supporters! -jc
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New Year's Revolution: To update more frequently and drink more coffee (because drinking it like water now just isn't enough apparently) My ultimate goal in life is to fuck lana tbqh (i mean tbqh tho 😏 ) @fckinghealy is an angel from above (yah one that fell during the great fall tehehe)
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Hi, I'm Viv. My debut novel, Follow Me Back, will be published by Sourcebooks in 2017. This profile used to say "would-be novelist," but I guess I have to change it now to... *drumroll please* Soon-to-be published novelist! Other than that, I'm a hopeless romantic and huge pop-culture junkie who recently, for reasons inexplicable, fell madly in love with Adam Levine. My original stories on Wattpad are: Follow Me Back - Hot List #1. Publishing soon. You can still read the complete Wattpad version here. It's Only Temporary - Romance Hot List #5 The Mermaid Hypothesis - SciFi Hot List #3 Whatever You Do, Don't Read This - Horror Hot List #5 Hollywood Remake - Romance - before I got popular ;) I also have a fanfic series of Adam Levine romance novels: Book #1: Obsessed - Wattpad Featured story Book #2: Fill Me Up Book #3: The Liar's Wife Book #4 (Bonus Story): Fantasy Girl You don't need to read them in order! #EricThornObsessed! I'm always around, so please feel free to inbox me. I'm not accepting read requests or translation requests at this time. -------------------------------------------- Please look for me on twitter: @av_geiger --------------------------------------------