The Hooded Figure by tashapea2003
The Hooded Figure by Natasha Teen Fiction
"I heard he punched a teacher who tried to take his hood off." "Really? I heard that he's hideously ugly and can't stand to have other people see him.&quo...
Stunning Edge by Dia369
Stunning Edge by Diana Fanfiction
When a cold and crafty girl travels into the body of a foolish, man-crazy, young female aristocrat, what will happen? A young girl, Claire, falls off a horse while chasi...
Bad Boy || Xavier  by anna_590
Bad Boy || Xavier by H Werewolf
Being new in a high school is difficult. Being "claimed" by the supposedly "bad boy" was even more difficult. He wouldn't stop- as he said himself. *...
A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away by sol_valente
A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away by Sol Valente Teen Fiction
(Completed) Top Rank: #19 IN TEEN FICTION What if your life was turned upside down ? Or took a sudden unexpected turn ? Sofía Rivera, a sassy and sarcastic teenage girl...
King Valdus by Astronaughty43
King Valdus by Astronaughty43 Werewolf
A lycan; they are the superior species. Stronger, faster, smarter and more gifted. So gifted, they can choose whoever they wish to mate for life with. In this story; Em...
Mr and Mrs Billionaire by SanjeveneGanesh
Mr and Mrs Billionaire by Jinity21 Romance
Lucy Grahams , a young teenager who lives a normal life thinks that her world had come to an end. She then finds a new family who are billionaires. She does not believe...
Vet Tech Meets The Alpha by MommaShifter
Vet Tech Meets The Alpha by Austin Kalin ➰ Werewolf
Jack's life has always been weird. With the stereotypically snobby rich parents that never pay attention to her and gave her a boy's name, to the mysterious butler that...
I'm The Gang Leaders Possession || Wattys 2017 by xThePineappleGirlx
I'm The Gang Leaders Possession ||... by Laylaa Khan Humor
|| Highest Rank - #1 in Humor || Aria Daniels has one of the most vivacious personalities ever. She is a crazy teenage girl that is impossibly hard to drag down. So wha...
Bad Girl In Disguise by FineSarcasm
Bad Girl In Disguise by {Angie~Wu} Teen Fiction
"She spent her life hiding herself, desperately hoping she won't lose herself along the way." They say the good girl always gets the bad boy. And the bad gi...
The Pizza Girl by queenofpizzas-
The Pizza Girl by arabella Humor
"Its a deal then". "Okay", he replied and before I had the chance to kick him out of my couch, outside my door away from me he placed his l...
Adopted By Magcon (completed) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (completed) by paige Brooks Fanfiction
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
Porn Tech Support by onxans
Porn Tech Support by val val val Humor
❝Hi, welcome to our porn site tech support, how may I help you?❞ In which a nymphomanic calls a porn tech support because she was logged out of her account.
The White Witch || Paul Lahote by goofmachine
The White Witch || Paul Lahote by ❝PAPI❞ Fanfiction
❝and into the forest i go, to lose my mind and find my soul❞ -- [ Paul Lahote ] [Twilight: New Moon]
The Trouble with Kissing Connor by JoWatson_101
The Trouble with Kissing Connor by Jo Watson Humor
Sadie's secretly in love with her best friend Connor. When the lights go off at a party, she kisses him in the dark. The next day, Connor enlists her help to find his my...
Correctly Misunderstood | ✓ by nonfictionsim
Correctly Misunderstood | ✓ by sim Romance
[Completed + Formerly Known As Five Stages] "Wow, you're really attached to me," he joked, fiddling to try and get us untangled, whilst I stayed firm on his s...
Extra Ordinary by helennox
Extra Ordinary by Helen Teen Fiction
Superheroes. How can you hate them? They keep the bad guys at bay, they add a little mystery to the world, but most importantly, they smell nice... The story of an ordin...
The Royal Bond by therealKH
The Royal Bond by Therealkh Werewolf
{Under Editing} {Highest Rank #4 in werewolf on {7/26/17} I hated the higher up packs. The fact they got to live in luxury while lower status people rotted away. I just...
The Fakers by AnaEasterly
The Fakers by Ana Easterly General Fiction
It was love at first elbow to the nose. When skirt-chasing TV star, Liam Black, gets violently thrown out of a no name actress's apartment, he's impressed by the sexy Z...
RICHKIDS by BeautifullyComplex
RICHKIDS by Chelsea Xena Teen Fiction
They're better than you, but they struggle too. In the posh city of Beverly Hills lies some of the richest teens in the state and where money lurks so does trouble. Damo...
Saving The Bad Boys?... Now Thats Funny  (Slow Updates) by OfficiallyJungshook
Saving The Bad Boys?... Now Thats... by Officially JungShook Romance
Layla Smith thought that Tuesday was going to be like every other day of her life, boring and uneventful. But of course Layla of all people would walk in on the school b...