Junjou Romantica | Usagi x Misaki LEMON YAOI by alicegoodnight
Junjou Romantica | Usagi x Deemo
Completed and edited!
  • anime
  • misaki
  • misakitakahashi
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WOLFSTREET by PrincePink93
WOLFSTREETby PrincePink93 ❤
Kehidupan gue dan kedua adik - adik gue yang berbahaya, penuh masalah, sembrono, dan semua hal yang mungkin orang - orang gakan nganggap itu baik. Kehidupan gue bersama...
  • action
  • kaisoo
  • chanbaek
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BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED] by NamedL
BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [ NamedL
"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily b...
  • crush
  • lgbt
  • highschool
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"My Naive Little Butler" (Boyxboy)[Completed - Edit Ongoing] by eikiji
"My Naive Little Butler" (Boyxboy) Eikiji
Being a highly skilled butler with nothing in mind but to serve his master, love isn't listed in Lay's dictionary. But having a blunt, straightforward and a romantic...
  • lgbtfiction
  • bxb
  • gaylovetheme
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The Disciplined Type(Ouran High School Host Club) by ShilohChoice
The Disciplined Type(Ouran High short~girl~syndrome
(MaleOCxhost) Haruhi had stumbled upon music room 3, broke a vase, and was now being forced to pay the price. Forced to join the Ouran Host Club, Haruhi meets all the...
  • hani
  • tamaki
  • high
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Payback by Shellyrill
Paybackby Shellyrill
"I'll be back, Wei Yu. Don't you dare think you can get away with this!" Jiang Tian said while falling down from the sixty foot tall building. He laughed, fill...
  • betrayal
  • bl
  • boyslove
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Demon: Book 1 by varzanic
Demon: Book 1by N.A. Carson
-Demon Series: Book 1- Aden Perri has problems. The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits. And proceeds to move on a little too quickly. Hi...
  • boyfriend
  • lgbt
  • gaylove
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Beach Boy Blues (BoyxBoy) by admissable
Beach Boy Blues (BoyxBoy)by ◉‿◉
Daniel Shepard doesn't have time to explore his sexuality. Between being in the pro surfing league, his insane best friends, and his boy crazy twin sister, he just doesn...
  • gaylove
  • gayguys
  • boyxboy
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Back to You by Blue_Oon
Back to Youby Sotus❣
Arthit broke up with kong. What made him do that? Read about their relationship from the beginning from the sweet fluffy days to the day they broke up. Will kong let hi...
  • romance
  • bl
  • singto
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fanboy | by musicbeatloves
fanboy |by musicbeatloves
Arthit would never admit in public that he's a fanboy for the model turned actor, Kongpob. He did not expect that there would come a day that their paths would cross, c...
  • singto
  • crush
  • boyromance
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MR. HANDSOME (FORTHBEAM) by deebamanja
"And you, Sir, Mr. Handsome, are you stupid? Are you really going to accept this kind of behaviour? It's better for you to date me than date this bitch. At least I...
  • romance
  • boyslove
  • darvid
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Mooch || taekook  by Maknaeroniandcheese
Mooch || taekook by Midori ass chan
"Get in the car." "But I'm not-" "I'm rich. Do you want money or not?" In which a Daegu boy gets mistaken for a prostitute. 18+ BoyxBoy. Re...
  • boyslove
  • prostitution
  • btsjungkook
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One Night's Mistake (MINGKIT) (mpreg) -UNEDITED by purplemoon09
One Night's Mistake (MINGKIT) ( Ninja❤️
Kittinan Intochar lost his dear childhood friend Kimmon, to an accident that claimed the latter's life. Unfortunately, he was not able to tell his true feelings to his f...
  • mpreg
  • 2moons
  • romance
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Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG) by iLyna_chAn
Becoming His Male Empress ( iLyna_chAn
REBIRTH,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have b...
  • mpreg
  • emperor
  • secondlife
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Trying to Escape by LJJosephine
Trying to Escapeby LJ Josephine
Elliot, a shy teenage boy who struggles with anxiety, begins to notice something off about the new boy at school.
  • lgtbt
  • lgbt
  • trapped
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NO HOMO. by pettae
NO it's ya girl isis
"it ain't gay when you say 'no homo' duh" "that is literally the gayest thing i've ever heard" HIGHEST RANK: #6 FANFICTION (thank you!!! ❤) ((it's a...
  • jeongguk
  • taehyung
  • vkook
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Lunar Whispers by Sian-The-Writer
Lunar Whispersby Sian
(BxB) *Completed* Jacob has been shy almost his entire life. He is reserved, has an introverted soul and struggles to communicate in this stereotypical society. He has...
  • passion
  • mate
  • wattys2017
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Souls for Satan by Sian-The-Writer
Souls for Satanby Sian
An arrogant demon with a terrible temper lives only to aid his master. Kaiden, who is titled by the devil himself as his best soul catcher, hunts down angels and steals...
  • boyslove
  • teen
  • soulmate
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Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBT by WeHoardCats
Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBTby Ramsky
This wasn't what Jaylin had come to understand of Quentin Bronx. What he had expected was a peaceful exit. A polite "okay, see you tomorrow." He hadn't anticip...
  • romance
  • love
  • action
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Bed Buddies | ManXMan by nighttaker
Bed Buddies | ManXManby Chace
A 100/100 scorer in 2017 LGBT Awards First Place winner (category- Romance) in The Apollo Awards First Place winner (LGBT+ category) in The Life Awards Second Place winn...
  • boylove
  • bed
  • taygetsthegay
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