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Frenemies with benefits(boyxboy) by Writing4Ever13
Frenemies with benefits(boyxboy)by Chuhan
He pushed me against the bed and kissed me. "You're so fucking cute", he whispered, lips brushing down my neck." Brian Kim hates Will Miller. He really do...
Stronger Together (LokixReader) by tgmacd123
Stronger Together (LokixReader)by tgmacd123
You are Bucky's little sister who has powers from hydra. You now live with the avengers going on missions, until one day Loki is forced to stay with the team until he is...
Hikari x tsumugu by Mat4now
Hikari x tsumuguby Bisexualfwog
I don't know if anyone else likes this ship cus I can't find any other of this on wattpad but idc cus I like it and decided for that minute number of you that like this...
Curses by blackdragon971
Cursesby 火遁
Read about the magical adventure of Alyx, Pheonix, and Azul, complete with fantasy and action!
Reunited but not Destined by SiriusMetanoia
Reunited but not Destinedby Flauvia Daffodil
It's all about knowing what true love is....There's a girl who named Zarielle and met the handsome and hot guy Kaiden....their paths crossed. Zarielle's nobody character...
If Hogwarts students had phones + Other Events by creativebe4writing
If Hogwarts students had phones creativebe4writing
groupchats, private chats and ofc instagram! love, family and friends drama! In this version, Voldemort got killed by the older gen. So Lily and James are alive. And eve...
I Speak 8 Million Languages by blackdragon971
I Speak 8 Million Languagesby 火遁
A girl named Charolette can talk to every animal in the world! (There are about 8 million animal species).
C.A.N.D.Y by Kelvinuma1234567
C.A.N.D.Yby Thé Baker
Five teenagers are to save their city from the worst villain ever
Doppelgänger by Rish78
Doppelgängerby Rish .P
Finn, a ranger from a murdering company finds that he has a doppelgänger and he must kill him. While planning, he finds the ugly truth about his doppelgänger and that he...
Love wins by annabethchase728
Love winsby annabethchase728
A young adult love story, showing love as it is, messy and beautiful, instead of how we want it to be. A journey through the minor happiness of life.
Pride Month 2021; A Story Every Day by KayBeeKrowns
Pride Month 2021; A Story Every Dayby KayBee
So this is the book I'm going to be using for Pride Month this year! I'll be posting one story everyday, and it will be long or short depending on my mood. I'll be givin...
There She Is; a Timmies love story (Shorter Version) by Vanessa__2007
There She Is; a Timmies love Vanessa
Charlie just wants Malia to notice her, but she's too chicken to talk to her. But what happens when Charlie is forced to take Malia's order at cafe? Will Tim Hortons be...
The #ConnectToAccept Write-a-thon [CLOSED] by lgbtq
The #ConnectToAccept LGBTQIAP+ | Ambassadors
This Pride Month, Wattpad and Fido have teamed up to launch the #ConnectToAccept Short Story Write-a-thon. Let's connect all Canadians to a more diverse representation o...
The Disaster Date Had Amazing Results by kayla_019
The Disaster Date Had Amazing Kayla
Harper is demisexual and his roommate/best friend Ashton is bisexual, they confess feelings after a date gone wrong for Ashton. This is a short story for The #ConnectToA...
True beauty #2 by Pepper_minth
True beauty #2by ~Pepper~
This Story is a fan-fiction. "Together we have come so far, look at have become so much stronger I am so proud of you Jennie." "I am proud of y...
I love you by Tweektweak55
I love youby Ry
this was fun to write hope you enjoy (cover is not my picture)
My Diary by blackdragon971
My Diaryby 火遁
A boy has a diary. Anything written in it comes true!
Caterpillars🐛 [under editing] by clownxore
Caterpillars🐛 [under editing]by Tėja
Kai and Kyle are two boys who have just met but they keep getting butterflies when they're together or when they think about one other. Join them as they deal with homop...
Whispers in the Night by cdstone
Whispers in the Nightby CStone
Short stories and one shots- fantasy, sci-fi, etc
Maybe girls can like girls by Suus_u2
Maybe girls can like girlsby Suus_u2
This was my entry to the #ConnectToAccept write-a-thon. It's a short story about love between two girls, the uncertainty caused by internalized homophobia. I hope you li...