The Beta's Unwanted Mate | new version | Updated Daily by Love_Yourself_10_x
The Beta's Unwanted Mate | new ver...by тσνє ℓσ
#5 in werewolf (highest) "Last night meant nothing to me Olivia." "You were just like another girl to me." He smirked, "and you KNOW how I do g...
  • alpha
  • silver
  • mate
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Loving Cassie by Kay_Dee_Em_Dee
Loving Cassieby Kay D
Cassie never expected her husband to leave her, not six months after giving birth to their little boy, and especially not for her younger sister, Carrie. After a revelat...
  • sister
  • homewrecker
  • country
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His Unknown Daughter by saucyworld_xx
His Unknown Daughterby Destiny White
This story narrated by Snow who is Alpha Logan Unknown daughter. Snow tells the story of her mother, Rena Novao life living in the Silver Moon Pack. She explain her moth...
  • love
  • pregnancy
  • werewolf
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The Billionaire's Ex-Wife by Enjoy_Little_Moments
The Billionaire's Ex-Wifeby Enjoy_Little_Moments
Love. It was infuriating yet strangely addicting. It swirls in unknown waters, testing its limits before striking. The sensation of its claws digging into your flesh was...
  • possessive
  • millionare
  • ex-wife
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Isabella by AmbyLuvsz
Isabellaby Amber
When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her tha...
  • ceo
  • husband
  • italian
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Billionnaire's Ex-wife (editing) by sarahs29
Billionnaire's Ex-wife (editing)by sarahs29
"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." He yelled glaring at me. I couldn't help my tears. Why is he doing this? "Honey, Hunter please listen-" I started b...
  • betrayal
  • possessive
  • love
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Devil for a husband by Mercy198
Devil for a husbandby Mercy kalu
"You can't force me to marry you! " I said firmly, making sure there is no trace of fear in my voice but it was pretty much hard to read this guy's expression...
  • love
  • fear
  • betrayal
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My Best Mistake by Cutesyn18
My Best Mistakeby Natalia?
Natalia comes home to find her husband and sister in bed together after her husband tell her they have been sleeping together for 1 year .what is she to do but pack up...
  • son
  • cheating
  • custody
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Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife. by YumnaMahmood
Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife.by S.Yumna Mahmood
Silas Harrison, world's well-known billionaire. Everyone knows him, he is one of the most famous businessman in the world. He is successful, brilliant-minded and extreme...
  • cheat
  • billionaire
  • exwife
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Love Me Again by FindingJesse
Love Me Againby FindingJesse
Highest rank: #37 in romance #13 in chicklit ***Updating slowly*** (Previously known as Happy Ever After) Elizabeth Bell can't escape her past...
  • faith
  • marriage
  • youngadult
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The Claim (#Wattys2017) by felisidy901
The Claim (#Wattys2017)by Auni
Brinn has known Alpha Titus as a close family friend since she was ten years old. He was like a big brother to her. Right before her first shift her parents decide to s...
  • hurt
  • rebellious
  • beta
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I Will Make You Mine..Again. by rickydonna7
I Will Make You Mine..Again.by rickydonna7
#4 in ROMANCE [as of 14 February, 2018] I'm Agustin De Luca. Thousands of people work under me, I can have any thing with just a snap of my finger, I can make and brea...
  • betrayal
  • possessive
  • billionaires​
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Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten by katnisslerman16
Rejected, Replaced & Forgottenby Abigail Lynne
Alpha-to-be Cole Emerson loves his laid back life and will do anything to keep it that way; even if it means rejecting his soul mate. Livy Holden is the quiet girl who...
  • love
  • reject
  • peacemaker
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His Ex-Wife. by Amara_Rose
His Ex-Wife.by A M A R A
Milliana Willows is the ex wife of billionaire Rafael Luciano. Accused of cheating and slammed with divorce papers she signs and leaves with her unborn child. Being thre...
  • divorce
  • ex-wife
  • billionaire
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His Mercedes by slayxash
His Mercedesby slayxash
Mercedes, a beautiful yet cold hearted woman, gave up on love when he mother turned on her, her father never showed up and her ex left after he got what he wanted. Putti...
  • kingpin
  • drugs
  • thugs
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His Unwanted Wife Again by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wife Againby sweetstuff1111
This is the sequel to 'His Unwanted Wife' Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get out! There is nothing left between us." Nathan yells. "What do you mean Nathan? We're marr...
  • anger
  • treachery
  • love
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The Billionaire Returns by _renirose
The Billionaire Returnsby _renirose
*Highest rank: #118 in Romance!* *Completed 12/27/2017* Layla Carmichael has forced herself to move on after being left by her fiancée three years ago, Damien Carter. B...
  • evil
  • ex
  • manipulation
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Tutoring My Ex  by dimplesanddonuts
Tutoring My Ex by Joy
"Your mouth may say you hate me," he whispered, "But your hands...they say otherwise." His eyebrows raised pointedly at my touch on his chest, face w...
  • highschool
  • humor
  • hot
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Revenge Of The Ex-wife by Elena_hz
Revenge Of The Ex-wifeby Elena_hz
Mia married her high school sweetheart a year after graduation. She was a happy, kind hearted, and shy girl and hopeless romantic.Thought that their love would last fore...
  • ex-husband
  • betrayal
  • love
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Mr. Mafia and Miss. Troublemaker by TheDaydreamer99
Mr. Mafia and Miss. Troublemakerby Pooja💖
Well..!!!!!! Title explains everything ? go on and read. I promise i won't disappoint ? ????????????? But someone grabbed me from my arm and make me turned around. It wa...
  • jealousy
  • obsession
  • friendship
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