50 дней до моего самоубийства by 26no_problem26
50 дней до моего самоубийстваby d_tvardovskay
Даже и не думайте о том, что я написала данный рассказ, дабы показать, что самоубийство - решение всех проблем. Это вовсе не так. Я думаю, что каждый человек хотя бы раз...
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50 Unsent Letters |✔️| by teraCANread
50 Unsent Letters |✔️|by Tera
Highest Ranking: #81 in Short Story on March 2nd, 2017 'I would send them, but most likely you would ignore them.' _________ Kennedy is in love. And by in love, I mean '...
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Fifty Shades...Unforgotten Memories [ON HOLD] by MyCupcake678
Fifty Shades...Unforgotten Memorie...by Cupcake
What would happen if Christian cheats on Ana and he chooses someone else over Ana? Worse, what would happen if Ana is pregnant with Christian's child and gets into a car...
  • christiangrey
  • reuniting
  • kids
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Une nuance de soumission by Darkfossoyeur
Une nuance de soumissionby Darkfossoyeur
L'histoire entre Christian Grey et Leila Williams bien avant qu'il ne rencontre son Anastasia. Une histoire érotique qui montre le véritable visage du Christian dominan...
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50 sombras liberadas by FlorenciaBugosen
50 sombras liberadasby FlorenciaBugosen
Cuando la poco conocedora Ana Stelee encuentra por primera vez al vigoroso y dañado empresario joven Christian Grey, una aventura sexual destelló que cambió sus vidas ir...
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50 дней до моего самоубийства (ЛП) by bobenskid
50 дней до моего самоубийства (ЛП)by Dasha PRO
Мысль о самоубийстве - могучее утешение, с ней проживаешь много трудных ночей". Фридрих Ницше Даже и не думайте о том, что я написала данный рассказ, дабы показать...
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Stalker [h.s]  by idekPayne
Stalker [h.s] by K
His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention...
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Разведенная жена или жизнь после by DariaKova
Разведенная жена или жизнь послеby Daria Kova
Четвертая книга из серии "Разведенная жена" У школьниц есть "Сумерки", у студенток - "50 оттенков Серого", а что остается нам - замужним же...
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50 day eighties challenge by trottaboy
50 day eighties challengeby Maggie
Trying something new, because I love the 80s
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♚Dolan Twins Imagines 2♚ by Brimiriam
♚Dolan Twins Imagines 2♚by Myth
COMPLETED Yet another book about the Dolan Twins. This book entails imagines that will make you smile, angry sad and you may want to make death threats towards me after...
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50 twarzy Karola Kutera by Fistaszekk_
50 twarzy Karola Kuteraby Szukam duszy
*wchodzi* Niech Dealer z wami *Krysia* i Doknesem twoim * ja* przekażcie sobie dirt pokoju #autorski opis XD PS Kocham was XDDD PPS Okładke wykonała @CarmelTheBeast pol...
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Fate// Steve Mcgarrett by TaylorWilkes0
Fate// Steve Mcgarrettby Taylor-Ann Wilkes❤️
Ariel Williams is the twin to Daniel "danno" Williams who is a detective with 5-0 task force. Ariel is a Lieutenant in the Navy and works with Catherine Rollin...
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Luke Bryan Family  by CLABC123
Luke Bryan Family by CLABC123
This is a Luke Bryan fanfic about his everyday life with Caroline, Til, Bo, Tate, and added daughter Tegan. Hope y'all enjoy. Look for an update everyday unless I get su...
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50 Things To Do When Bored by Lucy849
50 Things To Do When Boredby Gia Gaziano
50 Things that you can do when you are bored.
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50 Quotes: BOLD EDITION by TMNT-Queen
50 Quotes: BOLD EDITIONby KB
50 Quotes about being bold, brave, strong, et cetera.
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Sexo tras las sombras by Alguiendel95
Sexo tras las sombrasby Alguiendel95
Esta novela está dedicada a todas las personas que siguen el sexo alternativo, en especial los fetichismos, esas formas de sexo alternativo que siguen siendo vistas como...
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50 Outfit ideas ✔️ by Megdiy
50 Outfit ideas ✔️by Megdiy
These are my ideas for cute outfits. Tell me what you think? Megdiy.
  • dressy
  • cute
  • outfits
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50 mentiras sobre mi by -Itami_sadistic-
50 mentiras sobre miby Itami..
Me nominé a mi misma
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Fifty shades of grey by ilikeitrough20
Fifty shades of greyby ilikeitrough20
For those who don't want to pay here is the first story
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50 cosas sobre mi by EmLm2003
50 cosas sobre miby Eva
Pues lo que pone en el titulo :p
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