50 дней до моего самоубийства (ЛП) by bobenskid
50 дней до моего самоубийства (ЛП)by Dasha PRO
Мысль о самоубийстве - могучее утешение, с ней проживаешь много трудных ночей". Фридрих Ницше Даже и не думайте о том, что я написала данный рассказ, дабы показать...
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  • 50ддмс
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Fifty Shades...Unforgotten Memories [ON HOLD] by MyCupcake678
Fifty Shades...Unforgotten Memorie...by Cupcake
What would happen if Christian cheats on Ana and he chooses someone else over Ana? Worse, what would happen if Ana is pregnant with Christian's child and gets into a car...
  • ceo
  • jamiedornan
  • romance
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Stalker [h.s]  by idekPayne
Stalker [h.s] by K
His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention...
  • dancer
  • fanfic
  • billionaire
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Fate// Steve Mcgarrett by TaylorWilkes0
Fate// Steve Mcgarrettby Taylor-Ann Wilkes❤️
Ariel Williams is the twin to Daniel "danno" Williams who is a detective with 5-0 task force. Ariel is a Lieutenant in the Navy and works with Catherine Rollin...
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50 Outfit ideas ✔️ by Megdiy
50 Outfit ideas ✔️by Megdiy
These are my ideas for cute outfits. Tell me what you think? Megdiy.
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  • sweatshirt
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♚Dolan Twins Imagines 2♚ by Brimiriam
♚Dolan Twins Imagines 2♚by Bri :)
COMPLETED Yet another book about the Dolan Twins. This book entails imagines that will make you smile, angry sad and you may want to make death threats towards me after...
  • anythingispossible
  • dolan
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50 TWARZY GREYA by MenszaHemmingsa
50 TWARZY GREYAby Lubrykant Larry'ego
  • christian
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  • czytajto
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fireflies,  ryan reynolds. by lilgroot
fireflies, ryan reynolds.by 𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐧.
romance seldom happens overnight. sometimes we have to grow the roses before we can give them. stand alone real life - alternate universe oc × ryan reynolds
  • marvel
  • fluff
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50 Ways to Flirt with a Werewolf by QueenGrace11
50 Ways to Flirt with a Werewolfby QueenGrace11
A series of one shots about how Sirius attempts to show his feelings for Remus.
  • wolfstar
  • gay
  • black
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DARK LOVE by AnishaMeena
DARK LOVEby Dreamer_love
Harry is a ruthless and heartless gang leader. You're sweet and innocent girl with a kind heart. "HIS HEART WHICH IS BURNING LIKE FIRE AND YOURS IS PEACEFUL LIKE WA...
  • ontherise
  • gangster
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My Swim Daddy by Spooky_noodles069
My Swim Daddyby Spooky_noodles069
How did wattpad exist, without a ddlg thugisa story....? well, it does now!! your just a little that just moved to the other side of Japan, and ofcorce that means you ha...
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Luke Bryan Family  by CLABC123
Luke Bryan Family by CLABC123
This is a Luke Bryan fanfic about his everyday life with Caroline, Til, Bo, Tate, and added daughter Tegan. Hope y'all enjoy. Look for an update everyday unless I get su...
  • til
  • daughter
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Fifty Shades Darker [Tome 2] -Jikook- by JiminieChimChim18
Fifty Shades Darker [Tome 2] -Jiko...by ジブチ🍓
Jungkook est convaincu que Jimin et lui ne sont pas compatibles. Après leur rupture, Jungkook commence à travailler pour une maison d'édition. Mais, Jimin réapparaît vit...
  • bts
  • jikook
  • jimin
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✪50 Nudes Of Larry✪ [hold]  by -thewaitingroom
✪50 Nudes Of Larry✪ [hold] by disappointment
The one where two guys end up sending nudes as a dare which lead to a lot of wet dreams... What will happen for the friends? [alot of smut] © All Rights Reserved (-thewa...
  • zayn
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Jogo Perigoso by user68706544
Jogo Perigosoby
S/N é uma jovem e bela garota que está indo entrevistar um magnata multi respeitado do mundo da música. Assim que pisa pela primeira vez em sua imensa sala,percebe que a...
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Hold your Breath by Someone929
Hold your Breathby Isla Webster
This is what it's like to fall. This is what it's like to be surrounded by darkness. This is what it's like to only just see the top. This is what it's like to have to h...
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  • distopian
  • fantasy
50 sombras (cosas) de Tomoko 7u7 xd by MinYoonGi_Kuroki666
50 sombras (cosas) de Tomoko 7u7 xdby MinYoonGi_Kuroki666
si lees mis historia (que son 2 :,v) pues bienvenid@s porque conocerás 50 cosas sobre mi, tu fiel servidor@ y/o escritor@. Sabra cosillas sobre mi xd 7u7
  • xd
  • 50
  • lemon
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Dangerous  by hparadis
Dangerous by hazzey:)
Kailani Hale, ex seal, bad ass, attitude, loves to surf, beautiful, but what's she hiding?
  • stevemcgarrett
  • shaymitchell
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