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Silver Blades: A Duel Nature

Silver Blades: A Duel Nature

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Marc T Morrell By Marc_Morrell Completed

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When Riposte Clasicant, a legendary elven swordsman in a human metropolis, finds himself dueling to defend his actions toward a woman he doesn't love, he is tempted to throw the fight--until he finds out his opponent, her fiancé, is a bigger monster than he is.
            In Silver Blades novellas, we follow the adventures of Rip Clasicant, who has neglected both duty and honor in recent decades. His life of debauchery often rubs society the wrong way, and just as often it pushes back. Only his superior skill with a blade has kept him alive thus far. Pertuli, his sarcastic but well-meaning sidekick, has his doubts about how much longer his friend's fortune will last.  
          "It's like the Three Musketeers meets Lord of the Rings" - Nicholas C.
          "Love love love.....the authors use of language is astounding. The characters relationship is a push pull of dialogue that keeps you entranced." - Kat J.
        "An epic tale for bards to sing." - Kyle B.
        "Bravo! Encore! Easily one of my favorite stories on Wattpad." - Nathalia S.
        "... an engaging, humorous, well-thought out novella, quite worthy of its often-high ranking in the adventure genre." - Emilia G.
        "A mix of Conan Doyle's partnerships, the glory of all things ruffian, and, best of all, the consistency of addictive installments​ from the Marc himself." - A.C. Hodges
        "In a nutshell I can just say that first chapter is amazing." - Eric (@simbaet7 )
              Note: Part 2 contains a single string of bad language. If you are easily offended, please scan past that one line and continue. No more, I promise.

I really am enjoying your writing style so far! One thing I noticed: in these two sentences, "pretended" and the first "a" in parentheses are capitalized and I think, grammatically, it would be more correct if these two instances were not capitalized. Just a thought!
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 10
Not sure the --- works here. I think just "You know(, i)f we hired" or even a ... instead might read better for a brief pause (not a whole separate line).
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 25
Should this be capitalized since it's the name of a people? *Tilwen
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 May 25
If Rip soiled something (someone) behind closed doors, hasn't satisfaction already been had, lol! As long as it was consensual that is
Real_Worda Real_Worda May 16
Compass Garden and shadows of the Dumon ruin - sounds GREAT! :D
RCFletcher RCFletcher May 25
Yikes. I think Rip needs to stop drinking for a while. It can't be good for his health.
                              It seems like you've set up interesting characters and kind of crazy ones actually, LOL. Well done!