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Silver Blades: A Duel Nature by Marc_Morrell
Silver Blades: A Duel Natureby Marc T Morrell
{Highest #12 Adventure} When legendary Tilwen swordsman, Riposte Clasicant, finds himself dueling to defend his actions toward a woman he doesn't love, he discovers her...
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Silver Blades: Prize Fight by Marc_Morrell
Silver Blades: Prize Fightby Marc T Morrell
After a century of contending with Pertuli's dogged silence, Riposte Clasicant has at last won the only clue in a mystery that weighs heavily on his heart. Will his sati...
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Silver Blades: Plated Male by Marc_Morrell
Silver Blades: Plated Maleby Marc T Morrell
"We're going to need more heroes." Dragoskala has erupted in chaos as an evil plot comes to fruition. The fate of both the city and the central plains of Terr...
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Silver Blades: The Short Irons by Marc_Morrell
Silver Blades: The Short Ironsby Marc T Morrell
Short stories, scenes, and contest entries set in the World of Terrok fantasy setting, starring beloved characters from the Silver Blades series. Original Stories: Tet...
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Silver Blades: Dread Handed by Marc_Morrell
Silver Blades: Dread Handedby Marc T Morrell
Suffering from the inability to become inebriated has left Riposte Clasicant more cantankerous than usual. The body count is rising, and Pertuli isn't the only one who w...
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