Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

"What do you mean?" Elle asked, completely confused.

She had arrived back from her walk just moments before. There had clearly been a visitor as there were two empty cups on the table.

Her Pa never had visitors, so Elle had immediately been on guard.

"It isn't difficult to understand!" Mr Winters replied, frustrated at her.

Elle didn't reply, but instead furrowed her eyebrows and scrunched up her face trying to understand.

"You will be going to another village to live." He said.

"But where?" Elle asked, looking at her Pa with evident uncertainty.

"The village of Vriles."

Elle immediately felt sick. She knew that her Pa didn't like her, but to send her to such a horrific place was awful.

Elle had only ever heard stories of course, but from the rumours that had passed by, Elle knew that Vriles was a dreadful place.

It was said that women were sold to the highest bidder and the amount of crime and violence was incredibly high. Witchcraft was also a common issue.

"But why?" Elle asked, trying to hold the tears in. "It's such a dreadful place."

"Because I have told you to."

"Will you be coming with me?" She asked, hoping that at least she wouldn't be going alone.

"Of course not!" he replied, shocked at her suggestion.

"But who am I to live with?" She questioned.

"You will find out when you get there." He answered.

"But I don't understand why I can't just stay here." Elle was almost desperate now. She never thought that she would want to stay where she was.

"Because you are needed in Vriles."

"By whom?"

"By someone very important."

"Why must I go so suddenly?"

"Stop asking questions!" her Pa retorted. "You'll find out in due time."

Elle fell quiet at that. She was frightened that she would be struck by him if she disobeyed.

"You are not to tell anyone what is to happen if you see them. As far as anyone is concerned you are living here as usual, and you have no plans for the future." His voice was stern as he looked directly into her eyes.

"Yes, sir." Elle shakily said. "When will I leave?"

"In the morning. You will be leaving before dawn. A friend of mine will collect you." Her Pa replied. It was a few days before he had expected to send her, but Zelroth, for that was the visitors' name, had been sure that their conversation had been overheard by someone. Mr Winters didn't believe it, but who was he to disagree with a man like Zelroth.

With that, Mr Winters walked into his room and slammed the door. Elle saw her escape and quickly wrapped a scarf around her neck. She left the old house and started walking.

Normally she would walk to her thinking hill, but Elle didn't quite want to be alone.

She began to walk in the direction of the market. As she was browsing through the stalls she came across a Jewellery stand.

She sent a quick nod in greeting to the owner and started looking through the little trinkets.

Some of the large, heavy necklaces were expensive, so Elle began to look at the cheaper end, even though she still couldn't afford anything. She found a small box in the back corner. When she opened it she saw a silver star necklace with a gemstone in the middle.

There was something familiar about the star. It just reminded her of something. But Elle wasn't quite sure.

When she looked at the necklace she could almost hear the laughs of children, and see then running around. But they were too familiar. There was something about them that brought tears to Elle's eyes.

They looked so similar to her, almost as if they could be related. But that was impossible.

She could see flashes of stone walls and grand looking doors. Beautiful gardens and a stunning lake.

'It must be my mind playing tricks on me' Elle thought as she looked at it with ad eyes. But she had no idea where these thoughts, or memories, had come from.

"Do you want that?" the stall owner asked.

She was an elderly lady with grey hair that looked almost silver in the light. She had pale skin and was rather thin.

Elle looked at the price. It was a pointless gesture as Elle had no money at all, but she felt that she should at least check.

As expected, the price was high, and Elle shook her head at the old lady.

"I'm sorry, but I have no money." Elle said to her, with a sad smile.

"That's a shame." The lady said, as she reached over and took the box from Elle.

If she was a normal girl she would beg her father to buy it for her for Christmas, but she would never be normal. And the truth was that she had never had a Christmas present.

When Elle had decided that she was done looking around the market at things that she could never buy, she decided that she would walk up to her hill.

As she walked, she looked around, hoping that she might by chance see James. She hadn't seen him since the party. Even though she had only known him for a little while, she missed seeing him.

Elle knew that by looking for him she was only hurting herself. It was pointless really.

But she was soon to leave and she did not know when she would return. She didn't know if she would ever see him again.

Elle was confused about what was happening. She had no idea why she was being sent to Vriles. And she had no idea what she would have to do when she was there.

Vriles was a small village. It was on the border between their Kingdom, Antana, and another Kingdom. She didn't know much about this other Kingdom.

It would be a long ride, if they were riding, and even if they left before Dawn it was unlikely that they would make it to Vriles before early evening.

Elle sat down.

She looked out at the beautiful sky. The red and orange colours faded into one another.

Elle wished that she could keep the picture in her mind forever.

It would be just one day before she would be watching the sunset in Vriles. Elle could only guess at what that would look like.

The idea that it could be her last time watching the sunset from her hill made Elle upset. She couldn't stand the idea of never seeing such beauty.

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