Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Two of the boys lead the three men away from the house. One was Matthew, the boy who had originally helped, and the other was a slightly older boy around the age of twelve.

They expertly made their way through the darkened streets, never once passing anyone. It was like they were shadows, unnoticed by all.

"Where are we going?" Andrew asked them.

"Shh!" the older boy whispered back, his eyes not swaying from the direction they were walking in.

The walk was only short, and when they reached the edge of the village they stopped. There weren't many houses around, and those that were there looked very abandoned. It was similar to the area that Elle had lived in in Grea.

The streets were overgrown and the houses seemed to be falling down. It was difficult to see anything else. The moon was bright, but it still didn't help show the surroundings.

"Where is it?" James asked, looking rather confused. There was no on around.

"She's in one of the buildings. I don't know which one." The boy replied.

"How are we supposed to find out?" Oscar asked, looking around in dismay.

"We know someone who can help," the boy started, his words almost silent, "But you have to wait here while we get her."

The men nodded and the older boy walked off.

He walked in the direction of Rose's house. She was the wife of the leader of the group. It wasn't her choice to marry such an appalling man, as she was forced to marry him for money. In order to keep the villagers happy Rose was ordered to look after them. It was an unspoken agreement that Rose would help people out and no one would question the group's activities.

The boy knocked on the front door. Immediately Zelroth answered the door. He was part of the group, and lived with the leader and Rose. He was the leader's right hand man.

"What do you want, little boy?" he spat.

"We need Miss Rose, sir." He began, trying to look as innocent as possible. "My Ma is sick." He lied.

"Rose!" Zelroth yelled back into the house.

She quickly came and when she saw him she sent him a secret smile whilst Zelroth was focused on something else.

"What's wrong, Noah?" She asked, a stern voice.

"My Ma is sick!" he repeated.

Rose nodded in understanding. She knew that he had come for something else. His mother was the heathiest woman in the village, and she had never once asked for help.

"I'll be coming now." She replied bitterly. Noah knew that she wasn't really bitter. It was all an act.

Rose grabbed her coat and slipped it on. When they were out of the building they began to walk in the direction of his house. Once they were out of sight they stopped.

"What's going on?" she kindly asked him.

"There's three men. One is a royal. They've come for a girl." He replied.

"Can you take me to them?" she asked him. He nodded his head and they walked back to where the three men were left.

When they got there Rose gestured for them to follow her. She took them into another old building that was never used. The lock had been broken for years, and the door was stiff. It took all of Rose's strength to shift the heavy door.

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