Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

It seemed like hours before the trailer came to a stop again.

This time, the door was opened and light was let into the trailer.

It was early evening and the sun was still up in the sky. The sky was a slight orange colour, and the sun would soon go to sleep for the night.

Elle had been right. It was much colder here than in Grea. She was very grateful for the warm coat, even if she was not pleased with where it had come from.

"You gonna get out?" Zelroth asked, blocking Elle's view through the door.

Elle tried to reply only to remember that her mouth was gagged. She tried to crawl out of the trailer, but it was difficult with no hands.

She was suddenly yanked out by Zelroth, and she found herself on the floor. A bruise would surely form on her hip later.

"We ain't got all day!" The man yelled, bringing Elle back to her senses.

She struggled to get up off the floor, and when she had made it up Zelroth grabbed her arm. He used his other hand to untie her mouth, and he began to lead her through the streets.

The village was bustling with activity. Stalls were closing for the night and people were rushing home.

Instead of the happy atmosphere in Grea, people rushed home not bothering to smile at each other or talk to one another. It was almost as if a heavy blanket of gloom was covering the area.

The air was filled with dust, and the buildings all seemed dirty. There was an odd smell, like burning, that floated through the air.

"Where are you taking me?" Elle asked, her voice coming out like a rasp. She was seriously frightened, and had no idea what to do next.

"You'll have to see," Zelroth repied.

As they walked Elle continued to look around. People were staring at her as she walked, and some were laughing at her.

One man that they walked past had only one eye. He bowed mockingly at her and sent a sarcastic smile.

Elle couldn't help but feel that they all knew something about her that she didn't know.

It was worse than expected. The stories that she had heard didn't even begin to describe the horrible atmosphere and conditions that these people were living in.

Somehow, despite the dull and lifeless surroundings, Elle still looked so full of life. Her dark hair was shining in the evening sun, and her eyes were dancing around. She looked so perfect and pure amongst the people surrounding her. It would be clear to anyone that she was not from here.

They walked down the main street which seemed to Elle that it went on for miles. Elle stumbled several times on the rough ground, only to be yanked back up by Zelroth.

They passed one stall with a dead fox hanging up with a rope tied around its neck. There were hundreds of flies gathered around, and the smell made Elle gag.

When they finally stopped they were outside of a small hut. Elle was pulled in and shoved to the floor. She was dizzy and lightheaded from the lack of food, so the last thing she remembered when she reached the floor was the feeling of falling to the ground.


Elle awoke with a headache. She was immediately confused at where she was, before she remembered the day's events.

She had reached the hut in the evening, but it now felt liken the middle of the night. The hut was dark and had no windows so it was impossible for Elle to know for certain. But it was eerily quiet and even colder than before.

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