his prophecy

his prophecy

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15+ age due to blood.


Young, and unique. Rose, is her name. She is the most loving person anyone can meet. There are those who're jealous, and those who adore her for it.

But who knew she would be the one to be a part of the prophecy to release the beast and bring out the man?

He was the one they feared, the one they cowered from. He is ruthless, arrogant, cocky yet handsome. The girls want him, the boys envy him. He don't care. Slaughtering them all like a raging wolf on a killing spree.

On a fateful night, the hunt is on, but what if he catches something more than he ever believed, the one thing to make him change from a beast to a man.....his heart.

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This book came 2nd in the true colour awards by @shananyawards :)