Flashbacks||LL X SA X SMH X FNAF||An Aphmau fanfiction

Flashbacks||LL X SA X SMH X FNAF||An Aphmau fanfiction

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>> @aphmaued By WeirdWriterGirl901 Updated Jan 22

『 It's not the goodbye's that hurt, it's the flashbacks that follow... 』
Aphmau has been acting weird lately, but no one has asked her about it. She lives with her current boyfriend, Aaron Lycan. They've been through a lot together but Aph has gone through more than anyone could dream of imagining. 
〖 Memories never die...〗
Aph has gone through many hardships in life, from being abused, to being depressed, to losing all her friends in a blink of an eye.
She thought she had in all under control, she thought she would be able to live, to go on with life, and she was, until she saw them, again.
〚 ❝ I'm falling apart, and no one notices...❞〛
Her brain is scattered, and no one realises. She keeps seeing them more and more, and she keeps having more flashbacks, and more nightmares, and more memories.
〚 ❝My brain is scattered! You can be Alice, I'll be the Mad Hatter!❞〛
No one notices how torn apart she is becoming, until they step inside the place, inside the room, inside the box.
〚❝I've missed them so much, it's tearing me up inside! It's bringing H ER out...❞ 〛

〚❝I-I've missed you... Missed you all...❞ 〛

⚠May be a bit depressing and gory. You have been warned.⚠

〘 New version of Aphmau's Mystreet Secret (Skymedia X Mystreet/Loveloveparadise)〙

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