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The Things Kept Hidden: Forever Revealed by stormcause
The Things Kept Hidden: Forever stormcause
(Sequel to The Things Kept Hidden) With the family imprisoned and undergoing who knows what at the hands of Israphel, Mitch is tempted to feel like the weight of the wor...
LONER [DAHMIN] by Auroraxiu
LONER [DAHMIN]by 🍑Peaches🍑
"Once he bite semeone in neck. They'll be under his control. You are in danger. No one can go near you anymore. Except me" [ONGOING] Start: 2019/11/25 End: --
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | completed by silv_is_elsewhere
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | moved
Following new arrivals (oh, and secret agents) Jessica, Adam, Shelby, Ross, Cory, Max, Jin and John as they've been assigned a mission in Phoenix Drop, the elusive "...
Finding Lost Friends[Book 1] by Jade_Brady04
Finding Lost Friends[Book 1]by Jade Brady
This is about a young girl named Jessica, or as some of her friends know her as Aphmau . She has been keeping a secret frim them for far to long.... Wll multiple secret...
Reversed Harem (Mystreet, SkyMedia/SkyArmy, The Few) by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Reversed Harem (Mystreet, ThatWeirdGirlMar
Jessica Aphmau Odision? We all know her.... right? What happens when they all get assigned soulmates? ~ Soulmate AU ~ Hanahaki AU (💫Creds to artists of the fanart in th...
Return by sly-mau
Returnby sly-mau
Returning to the Few. Mainly smut. For 16+ and people with dirty minds. Does include some skymedia members who are now not a part of it.
Originals Can Never Be Replaced Skymau by VinsuErinGamer
Originals Can Never Be Replaced Vinsu Erin
Jessica was a very chippy girl with a relatively small friend group with a loving single mom to match, she loved everything about life. She was in everything, sports, ga...
The Girl With Too Many Secrets by Paiscore13
The Girl With Too Many Secretsby Crazy Cat Lady
Aphmau has always been one to keep her secrets. When she tells someone, she only gives them small pieces of her story. This way they are always left in the dark, always...
Lost Light (Book One in the Legends of Minecraftia Series) by Spacezii
Lost Light (Book One in the Spacezii
Minecraft YouTubers Quotes! by coriakae
Minecraft YouTubers Quotes!by poggers
Sky Army Crew Team Crafted and a bunch of other MCYTs!
after the war avengers x Smd x PDH x skymedia/Skyarmy by Mimibella793
after the war avengers x Smd x Mimibella793
aph is alone . no one talks to her at school or has tried to what happens when a hruop of ppl take notice of the scars that tell a thousand words pdh x skymedia/ sky arm...
Long Lost by CatOppp
Long Lostby Cat
It all happened so fast. One minute I was pinned under it's blade. The next I was starting into the brightest light I had ever seen. And after that I was opening my eyes...
A Deadly Coma (A Skybrine story): Book 2 to the Sky Army Series by missmatched123
A Deadly Coma (A Skybrine story) Emma
After everything is fixed. Everyone is having a good time. It seems like the evil in the world is gone. That is what they think. Sky does not feel alright for some reas...
Aphmau and her past by Victoria_dimaunahan
Aphmau and her pastby Victoria_dimaunahan
Aphmau has been thinking about her past and her friends who she left a long time ago. Things from her past are coming back to her. Will aphmau keep her past a secret o...
~Living A Lie | Aphmau & Fnaf Crossover | by XxPonyGirlxX
~Living A Lie | Aphmau & Fnaf XxPonyGirlxX
Aphmau's Dad, Willaim Afton, Has Forced Aphmau To Live A Lie All Of Her Life. Aphmau Can Shift Into Her Purple Guy Form Whenever She's Angry. This Means Even If She Is J...
Secrets: Book 5 to the Sky Army Series by missmatched123
Secrets: Book 5 to the Sky Army Emma
Sky's amulet is irreplaceable. The amulet has been acting weird and Sky doesn't know why. He looks into it and he finds something that can't be true. The amulet is more...
Aphmau In High School  by AsheGlitch
Aphmau In High School by Ashley loxar
Aphmau a regular girl or so that's what her friends think . But aphmau has many secrets that she hopes that no living soul finds out otherwise she is screwed . But when...
Princess of Secrets (A Mystreet x Skyarmy FF) by GemTheMermaid
Princess of Secrets (A Mystreet Gemini Artemis
Nobody knows what Princess Jessica looks like. She suddenly disappeared at the age of fourteen, never to be seen again. Shortly after, Queen Sylvanna disappeared. Kately...
Revenge: Book 6 to the Sky Army Series by missmatched123
Revenge: Book 6 to the Sky Army Emma
Mitch starts having nightmares that are haunting him. Tay notices and tries to help him. But he shut her out. In these nightmares Mitch sees an old friend that died year...
Secrets «My street X Super Minecraft»⁕Slymau V Jinmau V Aarmau⁕ by The_Amazing_Writers
Secrets «My street X Super Amazing_Writers
⁕Slymau V Jinmau V Aarmau⁕ ⁂⁂⁂⁂⁂ ⸞And I've learned to live half alive And now you want me one more time⸟ ⁂⁂⁂⁂⁂ Everyone has secrets, but that's normal, right? Most peopl...