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Slymau, i missed you by Briarxrose
Slymau, i missed youby Aurora Grimes
All i do is run Run from my Problems I miss them I miss HIM DISCONTINUED i own nothing but the plot line, and even that is pieced together from multiple fanfictions i h...
The long way home. by JellyPear
The long way home.by Sleepless Meadows
( A courage the cowardly dog AU ) Muriel has finally passed on and it's just courage and Eustace. What does that mean? It means courage is sent to the pound and Eust...
Super Mystreet (Super Minecraft x Mystreet Crossover) by Nyan_Kitty_Kat
Super Mystreet (Super Minecraft x...by Nyan_Kitty_Kat
Mystreet and Super Minecraft crossover. What happens when someone unexpected crashes Aphmau's Mystreet series? What if it's someone from Aphmau's past which she tried to...
SMCD by JaylenetheMonkey
SMCDby Jaylene Ley
Aphmau, who had left her past behind and start anew. However, Aphmau's past is now slowly unrolling itself.
-Lost in Thought Finding Missed Memories- by MericanSquidDood
-Lost in Thought Finding Missed Me...by Merican Squid Dood
Going great so far. Expect a lot of updates on the weekdays and during summer. I don't write on weekends, and it is always a surprise when I do update. Maybe slow update...
Perfection (A SMD Story) by Aarmauizdabestship
Perfection (A SMD Story)by Le Phoenix Friez
Aphmau is perfection. She is a nice girl. She is very popular. She doesn't cry. She is very beautiful. She is perfect. But she's not. She IS a rude person. She is being...
Super Dairies  by DaNarwhal
Super Dairies by DaNarwhal
Aph starts missing the few so she and caster finds them and What happens if the village knew her sercret...
Slytherin princess and the Slytherin prince by Christy_Malfoy
Slytherin princess and the Slyther...by Christy_Malfoy
There's a new girl in town! Her name is Cora Granger, Hermione Granger's little sister. But something seems different about her....
Courage's Tragedy by WeaselFurShadowClan
Courage's Tragedyby WeaselFurShadowClan
Courage is trapped in a room of some sort, struggling to live. He only gets to drink when it rains, because of a crack in the ceiling, and he only eats when he can get a...
Not What He Seems ( Katz x courage ) by Ginersnap2010
Not What He Seems ( Katz x courage...by Gingersnap
Katz at the end of the day once it's dark.... makes his way home to his....Owner?! Yes HIS OWNER! she was young in age....and lived off her dreams ... She wasn't like mo...
Super Mystreet- Discontinued by mmwizardgamer
Super Mystreet- Discontinuedby This.account.is.dead.no.follo...
Aphmau thought her friends were dead because but when gawkens come to mystreet And attack she learns the truth I know the cover is the same as the other but I'm sick rig...
Their Story | Skymau FanFic(With A Tint of Slymau) by my_ships_
Their Story | Skymau FanFic(With A...by dinoror
Jessica Aphmau Odison and Castor Calvin Cicen. They've traveled around the world. Met different people. Saw different things. No one knows this, of course. It's been 20...
Pirate Life{discontinued} by Putypie
Pirate Life{discontinued}by Putypie
There is no description needed for this story
My Life As a Shadow (Light)  by TheCrypticCoded
My Life As a Shadow (Light) by Cryptic
This is the story of my life as a shadow and well...how it goes. Hope you think this is funny and interesting. Enjoy! :D Preview: A normal girl named Shadow was going to...
CajunFoxxKatz by user09597195
CajunFoxxKatzby Yuki_Chan
Since I haven't been seeing any stories like this I've decided to make one myself. The cover is drawn by my kanky ass, my new catchphrase...
Life's not fair, but sometimes it is.... a One Direction fanfic by rileytherhino
Life's not fair, but sometimes it...by Riley aka Rhino
Riley Purser aka Rhino is a normal girl with a normal life and family. But when a freak accident occurs leaving her all alone the police need to find out her legal guard...
The Daughters of Yalta by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt by zuxyweji70001
The Daughters of Yalta by Houghton...by zuxyweji70001
Explore The Daughters of Yalta PDF by Catherine Grace Katz Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Listen to The Daughters of Yalta: The Churchills, Roosevelts, and Harrimans: A Story...
Blood Sweatshirt by SheWantSol
Blood Sweatshirtby Lari Coelho
Três garotas, uma amizade e um mistério. Afinal, quem matou Billy Griffith? Mayra Haley muda de cidade a cada semestre por conta do emprego do seu pai, o que ela não esp...