You Lost Me *Major Editing*

You Lost Me *Major Editing*

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From nerdy to bad-ass.  Ariella Stone is heading back to her pack after three years. She lost weight and recieved medication for her pimples. She has beautiful brown locks, bold brown eyes, and an envious body that has guys drooling. 

Since she is deemed "beautiful" now,  more people are paying attention to her. Not that she cares. She joined a new pack called Shadow Moon. The wolvesthere are the same. Each gifted with a speciality given by the Moon Goddess. 

Cole Blaze, the idiotic "mate" of Ariella. He is the soon to be alpha of the Red Moon Pack. Cole and Ariella were friends, but stopped talking when she realized what he's been up to. He rejected Ariella and wants her back, but does she want him?

He lost her once, will he lose her again?

*WARNING: This is super cliche. I have no excuse. I was 13 when I first wrote this. Oh my, I am cringing so hard. Why was my grammar so bad? I'm lacking so much skill. Of course, I am going to fix this all. Well, I'm back after 4 long years. Enjoy reading!

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