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The Six Renegade Lunas by mmacdonald22
The Six Renegade Lunasby Morgann McDonald
There are 12 werewolf packs in the United States: six of them are called peaceful and the other six are called bloodthirsty. In the six bloodthirsty packs, their Alphas...
The Lycan Queen by moxiemegan
The Lycan Queenby moxiemegan
In a world of werewolves there is one being that is stronger, lycans and the strongest lycan of them all is King Erik. Erik is a cold and ruthless leader, some have wond...
Rejection To The Alpha King's Daughter [Rejection Series] by Angel-Lunair
Rejection To The Alpha King's Alana Dyer
[Rejection Series Book 3] "You may be the princess, but you're weak and worthless. I reject you as my mate." My heart shattered and then everything went black...
Autumn's War by melodyygracee
Autumn's Warby Melody Grace
Autumn Yates, the daughter of the Alpha King, is determined to take over the throne and take down her father. He is abusive, cold hearted and more of a monster than the...
Rejecting His Queen by Angel-Lunair
Rejecting His Queenby Alana Dyer
Isabella Nightlock grew up to the stories of mates, the stories of true love from the one fated to you by the Goddess of the Moon. She knew with the long life span of we...
Love Bites (Crescent City Werewolves: The Short Stories) by JulieMidnight
Love Bites (Crescent City Julie Midnight
A collection of stories all connected by one thing: Crescent City, the domain of werewolves. Slip through the streets of this city of magic and luxury, and you'll see al...
One more time by mmacdonald22
One more timeby Morgann McDonald
Sequel to The Six Renegade Lunas. There was an old legend about the first Alpha Queen. It says that in the time of need of the werewolf world, she will return to answer...
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The Alpha's Queen by elz11906
The Alpha's Queenby Elz11906
Addison Collins a 19 year old girl who has gone through enough in life. From her abusive father to her evil step-mother, or maybe it's her backstabbing ex-boyfriend. She...
The Alphas Powerful Mate by River_Blossom14
The Alphas Powerful Mateby River-Blossom-Darkmoon
A female wolf named river has been running for days but she eventually stumbled upon a pack not knowing what to do this pack took her to their Alpha and he asked her que...
His Hidden Badass Queen  by san_aly
His Hidden Badass Queen by San Aly
"Let people feel you're happy. Let people know you're angry. But don't let them see you're hurt." ~~~ The people who have seen her, Most of them do not know he...
The Lost Alpha Queen by DreamerInTheRoom
The Lost Alpha Queenby Z
In life we walk like we know and understand who we are and our place in society. Athena has only thought of herself as the daughter of two celebrities and nothing more...
The fate of an alpha by a_liyah01
The fate of an alphaby Tawak aliyah
. Jogging to my pack house with my beta devin i heard some pack members talking . "Alpha is putting us all in danger"the male member with blue eyes and dark...
Why the hell not? by SlangQueens
Why the hell not?by Slang Queen
I came here to get a job done , but that means I have to change. Be unnoticed to avoid my death. That's why I'm a Nerd undercover. The regret, the thrills, the danger ma...
A Revers Pack Holiday: Valentines by ZA_Dresden
A Revers Pack Holiday: Valentinesby Z.A. Dresden
Sneak peek (1K words) of a novella, a valentines short story. (More holiday short stories to come) Enjoy a short story of how Jade Revers and her mate Lucas Mycella cele...
Silver Snow  by CristinaCiaky
Silver Snow by CristinaCiaky
Alarma telefonului suna intru-una de ce trebuie sa îmi tulbure mie somnul.
You Make Me.. by alphashewolf90
You Make alphashewolf90
She was his enemy and he was hers, but she was something he had always wanted.. even craved for. But what happens when his whore, is found to be of great importance to t...
The Alpha Queen [DISCONTINUED] by cleopatra4048
The Alpha Queen [DISCONTINUED]by frostlime
Aurora, next in line to be the alpha queen must learn to rule a pack.........even though it means having to loose everyone and everything she has loved A/N: This book w...
Do You Believe In Werewolves?  by aloewyaichue
Do You Believe In Werewolves? by aloewyaichue
"What do you want now" I said as I reached the end of the stairs. Regina(my aunt) has not actually been nice to us, eversince my parents died, she always tre...
My Second Chance Mate is the Alpha King by Piskot744
My Second Chance Mate is the Piškot744
She is clever, witty and has inhuman abilities. She is also kind hearted and doesn't let anyone control her. But when she is mated to the biggest jerk in her new school...