Twilight Morning Sky (COMPLETE)

Twilight Morning Sky (COMPLETE)

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COMPLETE (Ninety years after breaking dawn)

Nobody really saw this coming, not Clara Mellow, not the Cullen's after their return, and not Alice, even with her future telling abilities.

Clara Mellow was a normal girl with a normal life, then she met the strange new people and her real life and real family began to unfold, but even after so many twists and turns, Clara can't handle or even stop what's coming next-

Nobody can.

Embark on this journey of finding oneself, losing those you love, and finding light in one of the darkest times.

Read the fantastic and nail biting twilight fanfic staring Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Ian Harding.

((Please just trust me, I know this description was crappy, just bare with me here. You won't regret reading this!))


EmmaMathlin EmmaMathlin Sep 07, 2016
So, to a vamp you smell like, deodorant, mango, pomegranate, and strawberries an over powering amount of scents...
Emory2017 Emory2017 Apr 30, 2016
Girl I like this story already and I barely gotten through chapter 1. Simply because you have PAUL WESLEY AND IAN SOMERHALDER!!! 
                              Btw your book is good to 👌👌👌 lol
vaccbi09 vaccbi09 May 06, 2016
I would like these guys to be in college instead of High School.  Same classes are There.  They just drive to another place.
What the hell i thought he would be wit Jessica. And Angela would be wit the asian i forgot his name. It's funny I'm watching the whole Twilight series 😂😂
ThatOneGeekyAuthor ThatOneGeekyAuthor Apr 29, 2016
Sees herondale and Carstairs in the cast names for characters...promptly freak out.
EmmaMathlin EmmaMathlin Sep 07, 2016
"Aromatic greet"? Would you mean 'automatic' as the other word is to do with scents and smells. XD