Wild Thing... I Think I Love You

Wild Thing... I Think I Love You

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She is the quiet girl. The shy one who doesn't meddle with anyone's business.

He is the badass, someone you need to stay away from if you wish for peace.

What happens when these two meet? Will they repel or attract?

Will she change him into a cheesy guy or will he turn her into a badass chick?

Read on to find out more about 'him' and 'her'.

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koffiikiitty koffiikiitty Dec 20, 2017
LOLOL i thiink you meanT " the muscles in my stomach relaxing"
I can never look a boy in the eye otherwise I think theyll thinkin have feelings for then. But in reality I'm just like BEACH YOU HAVE NICE EYES
Misc_Goods Misc_Goods Jun 09, 2017
So I was just staring at this for a minute and it looks like a bunch of disturbed or dazed faces
logang33 logang33 Jan 28
Instead of reading “he had these alarming bright green eyes” I read “he had three alarming bright green eyes” to say I way confused
sometimes even I'm afraid of boys. Oh who am i kidding I'm always afraid of boys these days
His body was never found but he rests in a soldiers grave sher he fell?