Pairing Up The Devil (Unedited)

Pairing Up The Devil (Unedited)

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Lavi By GraceAndGlorious Completed

Have your parents ever made a crazy rule for you? Of course, they have. That's what parents do. So just like any other teenager, Jade Newly was habitual of her parents imposing new set of rules on her everyday. But when her father revealed a new rule inspired by a Hollywood movie, Jade was blown away. 'No dating, until your elder sister dates.'
Now with a stupid rule, a weirdo as a sister and with a massive crush on the school's heartthrob Aiden, what's a girl supposed to do?
To get what she wants, Jade comes to seek help from a certified devil according to Jade, Ryan Matthews.
And whats the plan you ask? Its simple. Pairing up the devil. With her sister.

The awesome trailer's by @starsandsky

{This story is unedited, read at your own risk.}

Jaden_Loves_Books Jaden_Loves_Books Jul 17, 2016
Btw the trailer is awesome 😍😍😍😍 Good Job @Starsandsky
Jaden_Loves_Books Jaden_Loves_Books Jul 17, 2016
Hmm i wanna ask,where did u get the barbars and francisco scenes in the trailer?
Cookieeb Cookieeb Apr 20, 2016
I love this book already. I didn't even read one word of it except for the info but since it's based on my fav book: 10 things I hate about you', I instantly fell in love. So excuse me but I have to go read this wonderful story based on an extremely wonderful and heartwarming movie. Thank you.
SummerKisses SummerKisses Dec 12, 2015
I'm really confused as to how you say that when you copied this
SummerKisses SummerKisses Nov 22, 2015
I find that ironic since you copied this idea from a movie..
brightyvk brightyvk Sep 13, 2015
I found this book because of the trailer! @Starsandsky did such a good job on it. Chico looks so gorgeous in it! Can't wait to read it.