Battle of Hearts

Battle of Hearts

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Ally Parker, soon to be senior, is your typical studious jock. She has got good grades and a few friends. She has an almost perfect life. A complete family, so no past tragedies or homicides involved. Appears she's got a super cute crush. Or her first love would be a better name. Jake Lerman,the most appealing guy of her school who also happens to have decent grades, is the guy of every girl's dream. But Jake doesn't even know she exists.

Then we have Cameron Miller, the sexy basketball player and the biggest flirt aka Mr. Popular, who happens to meet Ally at a party. He is convinced that every girl is in love with him except Ally. So he is determined to make Ally fall for him.

Rebecca Scott, the head cheerleader is Ms. Popular of McKenzie High, so of course she wants to get her hands on Mr. Popular.

Does anyone of them actually get what they want?

What happens when you put these four together? Chaos, drama, romance, heartbreak and lessons for life. 

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kiki-17-25 kiki-17-25 Jan 16, 2017
Please go read my new book I'm a new writer on wattpad and would love the publicity it's called "our hollow desires" and I love your book it inspired me to write my own
purplebeach purplebeach Nov 13, 2014
@rainbow_butterfly454 omg thank you so much. I really hope you continue reading it
midnight_lightwood midnight_lightwood Nov 13, 2014
to be honest, this seems like a great book with so much for ittt!!!!!!!!!
purplebeach purplebeach May 13, 2014
@canyounotuh yes! I am trying really hard to make it non cliche
canyounotuh canyounotuh May 13, 2014
I like this storyyyyy its kinda unordinaryyy usually you'll find love tri's but here, muhahaha noo
purplebeach purplebeach May 06, 2014
@Pyrexx yeah I will work on that :) I am ao glad you like it