Ryder the Love Expert (Protector #4) | #Wattys2016

Ryder the Love Expert (Protector #4) | #Wattys2016

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*sequel to Bad Boy's Protection, Senior Year with My Protector, and My Protector: The Bad Boy*  *cover created by hotsforhoran* *will have spoilers from previous protector books and minor spoilers from Fight For Me*

       Ryder Tony Prince has been known as The Love Expert ever since he was three years old and decided to give his father some advice at love. Not to mention Ryder is the son of Grayson and Poppy Prince, also known as the power couple.

       When someone needs love advice, they go to Ryder.

       Ryder has been pressured to be the perfect boy because of his perfect parents. But what happens when the pressure starts getting the best of him? Easy. He turns to his one true love:


       Not only is Ryder a love expert, but he is also one of the best dancers in the state. Well, until a new girl shows up. Now, Ryder has to fight to keep his status as best dancer, but it's kind of hard when he can't get the new girl out of his mind.

       Now, he has to deal with being in his parents' shadow, handing out love advice, staying the top dancer, and, of course, be an example to his four younger siblings. What could possibly go wrong?

And he's a boy? Damn where can we find people like this? Most of them are just green minded, egotistical, and obnoxious man whores. No offense!
paul14ina paul14ina Sep 14
I have to share a room with my 10 old year old sister, I'm 16..... and my other sister who's 9 gets her own room..... it sucks!!!!!
What the hell, people just fall out of love these days??! my god, what's the point of getting married to begin with if it doesn't last?
yassminala yassminala Nov 14
Im 18 and I have to share a room with my 14 year old sister :)
Dumping water to wake up is like a tradition in this family😂😂😂