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Well, This is Awkward - Gumball x Hot Dog Guy by kittenistrash
Well, This is Awkward - Gumball Kit (Archive)
Been watching too much of this show. The Hug let this ship set sail for me. I honestly love them so much together aND ITS AN ACUTAL PROBLEM HELP ME PLEASE AAAAH If the a...
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The New Girl  (Amazing World Of Gumball Fanfic) by -InsertEmpathy-
The New Girl (Amazing World Of Kylie Likk
Katarina is the new girl at Elmore Junior High and doesn't know how to react when she becomes friends with Gumball and Darwin. She's sucked into their world and she does...
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  • fanfic
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Gumwin by PiggehLover101
Gumwinby Depressed.
I wrote this a while back and thought I should publish it (I was bored mans)
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Undying Love by WishfulYaoiDesire
Undying Loveby Katelyn
YAOI BoyxBoy 16 year old humanoid cat Gumball gets a new brother; a humanoid fish named Darwin. Realizing that he may be attracted to the boy, can Gumball hide his feeli...
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Fictional Truth or Dare {Closed} by Forlot_Forever
Fictional Truth or Dare {Closed}by ⛺️Camp Forgotten⛺️
Have you ever wanted to know what the "Non-Fiends" and your favorite fictional characters think of? You are in luck! This story is just for you! Ask your quest...
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Amazing World of Gumball: The Void AU by Creativeguy1
Amazing World of Gumball: The Nickka
Instead of losing the tinfoil hats in the end of The Void, the Void doesn't suck in the hats and Mr Small, Gumball and Darwin start informing everybody on the Void's exi...
  • pennyfitzgerald
  • thevoid
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We Aren't Just Friends (Nicole X Reader) by Yuris_Girlfriend
We Aren't Just Friends (Nicole X Yuri's_Sex_Slave
You are best friends with Nicole Watterson, a mother of three beautiful children and married to a, how should I say it, a lazy husband. Of course, she relied on you, you...
  • romance
  • anais
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The Cartoon Games by AnastasiaHillWriter
The Cartoon Gamesby Anastasia Marie
12 districts, 24 tributes. Your favorite cartoon characters are now going to be in a game of death with only one standing. Who will win? Find out in The Cartoon Games...
  • phineasandferb
  • amazingworldofgumball
  • wanderoveryonder
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The story of Gumball and Penny by Vipesh_132
The story of Gumball and Pennyby Gabby Diego
The tale of two lovers bound together by destiny but held back by their never ending worries of anxiety. (My first ever story written, updates will come out as soon as p...
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  • tawog
  • romance
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Amazing world of Gumball meets OC (OOC?) by cukookid
Amazing world of Gumball meets cukookid cakeluvr the weaponi...
Anijah is a shy girl adopted by the Watterson household, like Darwin. She never talks, yet makes plenty of friends. She somehow touches the warmside of Tina's heart, So...
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  • cukookid
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I'm Pretty Sure (Gumball x Reader) by AkemiHonda1
I'm Pretty Sure (Gumball x Reader)by Akemi Honda
SLOW UPDATES!!! You move to Elmore so you start looking for friends. It just so happens that Gumball and Darwin live next door. You start going to school and make new fr...
  • darwin
  • anias
  • nicole
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Various X Reader Oneshots and Boyfriend Scenarios {Requests Open} by Sugar_Rock_
Various X Reader Oneshots and Sugar_Rock_
Enjoy any random show x reader!! There's boyfriend scenarios, fluff, oneshots, and just randomness!!! NO LEMONS!!! Dem da rules!!
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  • sangwoo
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THE ADOPTION by Underscore500
THE ADOPTIONby Burrito Fries
I didn't choose to become a Waterson. They chose me to become one of them.
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  • gumballxreader
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Gumball X Darwin by IWriteYouReadPlease
Gumball X Darwinby IWriteYouReadPlease
Darwin has had crush on Gumball since he was 12 but never said a word. He kept this secret no one knew or even has the slightest idea. Not even Anais. His feelings for t...
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  • yaoi
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The amazing world of gumball carrie x dawrin by bones443
The amazing world of gumball bones443
Carrie x Darwin..ill make a new chapter every day starting TOMOROW the next chapter .... Might be some graphic parts in future stories but not chapter ... Althoug...
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tinas cousin (gumball x reader) by circletine28
tinas cousin (gumball x reader)by circletine28
  • romance
  • amazingworldofgumball
  • life
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Gumball x Anais by DanHowells_Gurl
Gumball x Anaisby Jordan
1. Not related 2. Closer age 3. Sorry to people who want Carrie and Gumball to be together, or Penny and Gumball but this ship grew on me 4. They're all humans 5. Nicole...
  • richard
  • amazingworldofgumball
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Gumball x Fox reader by AnimeMysticalGurl
Gumball x Fox readerby AnimeMysticalGurl
This is the anime version of the amazing world of gumball and you and your sister( who is me) are the new students at Elmore Jr. high who are also fox girls.... not hum...
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  • darwin
  • amazingworldofgumball
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🎵Book of OCs💙 by GirlWithTooManyOcs
🎵Book of OCs💙by Send Help :')
Yep. The title says all. Yeah, I got tired of typing in RP books qwq ||| None of these fandoms belong to me. Any art or music doesn't belong to me unless I say otherwis...
  • undertale
  • eddsworld
  • amazingworldofgumball
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Gumball x Penny by soulkagamine
Gumball x Pennyby soulkagamine
This is my first Book and I wanted to make a fan fiction of Gumball x Penny so Here Hope u enjoy XD
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