His Hearts Key

His Hearts Key

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He stared at her impassively. From her spot on the ground, it wasn't hard to see his unapologetic face.

"W-why would you that?" She shivered from the cold, the snow soaking into the back of her uniform. She glared up at him, mad at the injustice of his actions.

"You're annoying." 

"Well I'm clearly not the only one." 


Lucy Heartfelia was the new kid at FairyTail Academy. Residing there were strange people, interesting hair dyes and irregular teachers. After running away from her family and the posh, top-of-the-country high school, it was a change that would take Lucy time to welcome.

Lucy definitely wasn't happy when Natsu Dragneel, the mysterious, cold, wanted boy at FairyTail Academy decided to start tormenting her. He thought she was a stupid blonde who didn't belong at their school - and she was desperate to prove him wrong.

What happens when somewhere along the way she does more than just that, showing him something he hasn't seen or felt in a very long time.

Emotions. A very word he couldn't stand.

But maybe... His hearts key just wasn't hers.

draqneels draqneels Oct 10
                              Natsu: *blank* what is it? 
                              *flicks his off* 
                              Merry Christmas B!tch
Lucy1342 Lucy1342 Sep 03
hope you update soon ! , because I love this story ! ❤O❤