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Lucy Heartfilia is a normal girl. She goes to Fairy Tail Academy and is one of their top students and leads a normal lifestyle. She lives alone in a tiny flat and doesn't have many friends. Her life immediately changes when one day Lucy is walking home but doesn't get there because as she is walking home she gets kidnapped. 

Natsu Dragneel is a mysterious man who's been observing Lucy for a while before deciding to take her with him. He thinks she'd be a good bait and could help him with his crimes. He doesn't treat Lucy in a nice way but things might change as they begin to know eachother and feelings may start to grow, or will Lucy escape back to her old life ? 

I'm not very good at descriptions but I hope you like this story :) 

Updates will be every week, possibly maybe 2 times a week :)

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Hiro mashima unless specified otherwise :)

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Lazy_Music_Lover Lazy_Music_Lover Jul 01, 2017
So you say. No that's not right... A PLACE LIKE THAT DOESN'T EXIST
UNTIL NOW!!! DUNT DUNT DUUUÙUUUMM I don't know how to say that
AnsatsuFairy AnsatsuFairy Apr 27, 2017
That's what I thought until some creep started telling kids he'll pay them 10 bucks if they get in his car
At first I thought it said my face was beating fast hahahhahahahaha😂😂
Katrinab14 Katrinab14 Jul 20, 2016
How does she know that they are following her her? Just saying
-kawaii-kitty- -kawaii-kitty- Mar 17, 2016
                              Everything scares me...
                              I even got scared by a leaf once..