Falling Apart (A Leafnision Fanfic)

Falling Apart (A Leafnision Fanfic)

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Captain Cereal™ By Aidsden Completed

Calvin doesn't know why.

Why he can't sleep. Why he can't eat. Why he can't seem to get a grip on his mind.

And most of all - why this was all happening.

  • angst
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  • gay
  • insomnia
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- - Sep 25, 2017
Yeah... why am I reading these?
                              This ships is cancer... beautiful effin' cancer
JohnEgbirds JohnEgbirds Jul 31, 2017
Guess who's rereading again because they need more leafnision?
Deadbeat_Humor Deadbeat_Humor May 14, 2017
Dear Aidsden,
                              I understand why you are not posting stories anymore, and as good literature regarding LeafyIsHere is impossible to find on Wattpad, I will just reread your Leafy fanfictions until I thoroughly want to inject arsenic into my own jugular. Thank you.
Deadbeat_Humor Deadbeat_Humor Jan 09, 2017
lol I hate Onision more than anything but I love Leafy and boy on boy action so let's GO