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slow // tysh by cherryjiwoo
slow // tyshby bee
a criminal breaks into a sad boy's house lowercase intended
Let's Recelebrate - Book 2 (a Joshler story) by InthenameofJoshDun
Let's Recelebrate - Book 2 (a Josh...by InthenameofJoshDun
Now that Josh reconnected with Tyler again, and he was finally allowing Josh to become his friend, Josh finally felt like his life had took a turn for the better. But t...
Church Camp Talks (a Joshler fanfic) by InthenameofJoshDun
Church Camp Talks (a Joshler fanfi...by InthenameofJoshDun
Joshua loves his friends and Youth Church more than anything else. That's why he can't wait to go on Church camp again. It's his happiest place and time on earth. Tyler...
Let's Recelebrate (a Joshler story) (Celebrate ALTERNATE version) by InthenameofJoshDun
Let's Recelebrate (a Joshler story...by InthenameofJoshDun
Joshua Dun struggled with mental health. When his new friend Jenna introduced him to a certain artist that wrote songs about depression and suicidal thoughts, Josh knew...
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Glowing Eyes || Adopted by Josh Dun by _its_questionable_
Glowing Eyes || Adopted by Josh Dunby It's Questionable
Lynn Whitcher didn't come from the best family. Her mother abused her, and her older brother was in jail. The only place she could escape was a coffee shop, where a man...
Internet Crush. - A Josh Dun x Reader Fanfiction. by cosmictruce
Internet Crush. - A Josh Dun x Rea...by 多幸感.
[Please note that this story was written by a very inexperienced younger version of myself, in fact it is the first full length story I ever produced so excuse the quali...
Celebrate [a Joshler story] by InthenameofJoshDun
Celebrate [a Joshler story]by InthenameofJoshDun
Tyler Joseph, worldwide popular solo artist who plays 20K arenas around the world, has been mentally spiraling down lately, mainly because he can't be with and misses hi...
summer child // joshler  by curiosity-
summer child // joshler by ♡ margo ♡
childhood friends reunited at the start of the summer before their senior year. "you laugh and you dance in the wind. and you sway and you hug and you kiss. but the...
Keeper and Protector (Joshler) ✔️ by talktoemspooky
Keeper and Protector (Joshler) ✔️by talktoemspooky
What was a Keeper without his Protector's love and affection to keep him alive? Tyler Joseph. What was a man who had never been a Protector before but was willing to fig...
Fall Off The Grid (adopted by twenty one pilots) by goodnightmoony
Fall Off The Grid (adopted by twen...by Dakota Moon
16 year old Laney Roberts leaves home with nothing after her mom's recent death and her father not caring at all. With only her music and her dark thoughts, she goes som...
(Don't) Leave Me Alone •twenty one pilots-Tyler Joseph• by leavenowordsunspoken
(Don't) Leave Me Alone •twenty one...by sam
Charlotte Robin Dun is a smart girl- really. She just makes some poor choices with even poorer judgement. Her best friends aren't exactly the best of role models either...
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band aids ↠ joshler ✔ by jupitermavericks
band aids ↠ joshler ✔by in·ad·e·qua·cy
"dude, i'm telling you, tyler can't know. please don't tell him." - josh has been confined ever since he was eighteen. first, a prison. now, a mental hospital...
text me | tj + jd  by dormantsins
text me | tj + jd by abi 🥀🥀🥀
spøøky jim is typing... - where two boys meet through a weird group chat on kik and end up being best friends. more than best friends. duh. also messed up shit happens e...
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lockers // joshler  by curiosity-
lockers // joshler by ♡ margo ♡
tyler is too scared to tell josh how beautiful he is, so he leaves notes in his locker instead. ♡ safe story, no triggers ♡ #7 in joshler - 3/30/23
The Run and Go - Twenty One Pilots by joonsunderbite
The Run and Go - Twenty One Pilotsby kt
by j0shler #6 on twenty one pilots fics Jessica is wrecked. She roams Ohio, wandering into bars, trying to fill the void in her life. To her surprise, Tyler and Josh fin...
The gang leaders princess, (joshler) by bubblebabe17
The gang leaders princess, (joshle...by bubblebabe17
Gang leader!josh Fem!Tyler Tyler is a cross dresser. He loves "girly" or Feminine things. What will happen when Tyler catches the eye of the fearless gang lead...
Dear Josh. (a Joshler fanfic) ✔️ by InthenameofJoshDun
Dear Josh. (a Joshler fanfic) ✔️by InthenameofJoshDun
"Dear Josh, I started this blog because I want to write you letters so that I can cope with this. I could write you actual letters and give them to you, but you wo...
Worth ||  Jyler fanfiction (twenty one pilots) by theoneisawonagrave
Worth || Jyler fanfiction (twenty...by gab
Jenna Black is a girl that struggles with social anxiety and likes to draw, and there's nothing interesting about her at all. You probably wouldn't even notice her walki...
cry baby // tysh by cherryjiwoo
cry baby // tyshby bee
Tyler's always been a bit sensitive and emotional but he has his reasons Lowercase Intended
Ode to you- twenty one pilots fanfiction (Tyler Joseph - Jenna Joseph / Jyler) by powertodreamers
Ode to you- twenty one pilots fanf...by Anna
Jenna Black has always felt different, like she didn't belong in Ohio. The demons that were calling her every night, constantly demanding to be heard. Her parents thoug...