The Novel Writing Workshop

The Novel Writing Workshop

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Nick Travers By NickTravers Updated Nov 17, 2013

This plotting method is the one I find most useful.  If you don't like it that's ok, ignore me and go do your own thing - do whatever works for you.

The idea for a novel can start with a character, story idea, a concept, a question, a what if?  Or a story world.  We will start with the plot, because we have to start somewhere.  If you've already started with another element of the story don't worry, all these workshops are interchangeable and can be done in almost any order.

The primary function of a fiction writer is to tell a story.  At the very minimum you need a three line plot.  This consists of

·          A Premise - what is the story about.

·          Complication(s) - (But) what difficulties do the characters have to overcome           and how do they overcome these complications

·          A Climax - How overcoming the complications changed the character(s) and           how does the story end.

How your character(s) overcome the complications of the plot forms t...

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ArtimisGrace ArtimisGrace Oct 11, 2013
This really helps a lot for the side characters. I have a really complex and interesting main character (which I've thought about most of these things for) but my side characters are some-what lacking.