Complete The Incomplete | CS AU

Complete The Incomplete | CS AU

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Daniela, aka Satan By presstheemmabutton Updated 2 days ago

But if you haven't read it, it's still okay.


Emma and Killian used to date in high school. With Liam's death, Killian had to go back to Ireland and the two had to break up.
Now he finds her 8 months and half pregnant from Neal, and the surprise of seeing him again makes her go into labor.
What will happen when he offers her to live in his apartment so he can help her?

hanbanan14 hanbanan14 Sep 05
I. CANT. WAIT. I'm so excited!!!!! Two exciting things happening on one day!!!!
ally720619 ally720619 Nov 27
Hey could you check out my colifer fanfic? It would mean so much to me.
OMG I love roommate AUs and your my like my fav author so AHROWHSNFKAKA
TheEvilTaco TheEvilTaco Sep 05
He want to be Henry's father 😂😂😂 
                              I couldn't handle it
I miss your fanfictions soooo bad 😭😭😭😭 where's september 25th????
OncerrLiv OncerrLiv Sep 05
Yeah guys read I beg you first, because then you'll have a better understanding of what happens in this book.