His Possession

His Possession

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Jaxon Hunt.

Drug dealer.

Jordan Johnson.
Starting college.
Sweet, sometimes.
Smart mouth.
Makes friends everyday without trying.
And keeps Jaxon coming back for her. She makes him want to have her by his side the whole time and gets very possessive of her. 


"I can easily kill you. You don't know my life and you don't know what I live for. And you don't know what I do. So I can easily kill you with this." Then out of the blue he pulled out a gun. 

A fuckin gun.

My eyes grew huge and held the knife tighter. 

"Get out." I hissed.

He smirked then place the gun next to my head. 

"Now why would I want to leave?"

"Because it's my house and I'm kicking you out." Then I placed the knife on his stomach. He looked down and then looked back at me. His smirk grew bigger. 

"Want to play that game?"...

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*needs tissues and torches later on* 
*Mature theme*

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Everyone’s commenting their heights now 😂😂^^^^^^^^^^
Can u believe when o told my friends about Stephan James they had the audacity to say he's not all that?
5,2 here. Most of my mates are guys over 6ft though 😅😂
AlexiaSuomalainen AlexiaSuomalainen 3 days ago
People are lowkey judging her but i would honestly do the same
So u meet a hot smoking guy who fights and ur talking to him like he knows u and u just want to support him? This girl's really crazy
UmmekulsumShaikh UmmekulsumShaikh 3 days ago
Any time I hear that I just sing baby girl whats ur name let me talk to ya let me buy u a drink Im tpain......