The Good Girl Can Fight

The Good Girl Can Fight

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Alisha Johnson is a typical Good Girl, but with an interesting life. She lived with her mom, dad and older brother, Mike. This 5'1, sixteen year old tries and survives high school while dealing with her daily struggles and keeping her secret. 

Josh Campbell is your typical bad boy. He was a player, he was popular and of course good looking, which made all the girls drool over him. Little did he know, that Alisha would be his savior, and that he was in for quite a big surprise...


Please note that this was my first story EVER and it's not all that good. It may not make sense, ideas are everywhere, and it has NOT been edited. Read at your own risk. You have been warned so do not comment hate when you've already been informed. Thanks

Sameeeeeeee with my best friend. We have been friends since we were in the crib!!!!!! And Sucking on pacifier's.
school starts at 8:55 am but will start at 8:40 am in september T.T
can i just imagine an ulzzang? (korean ver of tumblr people) ive been watching too many korean stuff T.T
AribaFatina AribaFatina Jul 25
This is much better than some other books I read not to be rude
I'm 5'1 too and I just turn 16 and I also live in California so girl I understand u 😏😉
I would just like to say, no teacher has EVER called me "Ms. (my last name)" It only happens in books and on TV!