Drunk And Doughnuts

Drunk And Doughnuts

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"I don't think you know who you're fucking with." He said simply not dropping the gun as the veins stuck out from below the skin of his bare arm. "I've killed people before." He laughed under his breath "I've killed lots of people before, what makes you think that I wouldn't kill you right now." 

"I think that if you actually wanted me dead, you would have killed me a long time ago." I replied without thinking. "You don't scare me." I lied "I know guys like you, they pretend to be all tough but deep down they're actually soft and mushy, like a little marshmallow" my words came out like vomit. What am I saying, he has a gun he could kill me, I really shouldn't be testing him but I couldn't help myself, I always knew my smart ass mouth would get me killed one day. God, today is that day. 

"I know girls like you." He started as he completely brushed off my insult "They get drunk at parties, and listen to the lies some fuck boy tells just to get pussy, you girls then believe those lies and jump on top of his dick like it the only one in the world, said fuck boy then pulls up his zipper and goes out to find Amanda the girl he's in love with, leaving you to wonder the streets drunk and used until you find yourself in a doughnut shop alone, incapable of standing on your own two feet." He half smiled "So what did he tell you? Lemme guess, he loved you, Right? That's the famous one." He shrugged, still holding the gun. My heart filled with hurt as I stood before him, I felt a lump in my throat as tears began to glisten up my bright hazel eyes but I quickly pushed it down. I was hurt by his words not because it was entirely true but because parts of it were. 



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Tashakmr Tashakmr Mar 18, 2017
Ohmygod... Vikram Mookerjee... I hope Phoebe knows what he's up to. They did date for 6 years
porcelain_16 porcelain_16 Jan 02, 2017
So far I love your writing, I'm so exited to keep reading your book!
writerr- writerr- Sep 17, 2016
I really hope this one is as good a 'I Call Her Blueberry'....😍😁
scc308 scc308 Aug 24, 2016
"HEY THERE DELILAH WHATS IT LIKE IN NEW YORK CITY" and I forgot to the rest oops