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My Bad Boy Jimin《 FF BTS 》

My Bad Boy Jimin《 FF BTS 》

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Ceren Yeleser By Kawaiiceren Updated Feb 04

Y/N ( your name ) is a young girl who accidentally spills hot noodles onto Park Jimin at work, then is expected to be his slave for a month?! You slowly go on long adventure to find out you might had feelings for Jimin.

It isn't as easy as it appears as jimin is quite the 'bad boy type'. Along the way you find it diffcult to grasp his heart as a fellow friend appears to snatch yours.

So,What do you think Y/N? ready to explore this adventure?

MaknaeJ-boo MaknaeJ-boo Feb 18
I'm blushing and smiling like an idiot on the car with my dad, mom, aunt, and cousin...
parkarisia parkarisia Sep 01, 2016
Suga is a cleaner? OMG I am laughing so hard! Hahahhahahha!!!
oh my god.........................................
                              //watch where u touching//
WAH~!!!! THIS IS REALLY INTRESTING!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
parkarisia parkarisia Sep 01, 2016
I am imagining what's happening to that part.
                              Sorry, for my bad English.