All The Reasons Why || Natsu Dragneel

All The Reasons Why || Natsu Dragneel

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What happens when a depressed, suicidal girl meets the happiest boy in Fairy Tail? Natsu Dragneel is in the guild's strongest team while (Y/N) is a loner with severe depression issues. When Team Natsu are on a mission, somehow, they accidentally stumble upon (Y/N), making their lives collide. (Y/N) has always been told what a horrible person she is but Natsu is determined to prove all those people wrong. Natsu goes out of his way to tell (Y/N) a reason to why she's special. Yet to (Y/N)'s surprise, the more attention she receives from Natsu the worse her life seems to become.

Will Natsu be able to protect (Y/N) or will she really start to believe all those people who tell her she's not good enough?


Started: July 11, 2016

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HanaLeeSong HanaLeeSong Jul 02
Hmm... A dark brown that looks like it could be a skin shade on the back of my neck and close to be in between my shoulders.
Boys always have to best eyelashes And I get short eyelashes WHY WHY
I've only read 2 paragraphs, and I already know I'm going to love this story
Wait, do I cut in this story? Because if he grabbed then he would've seen the cuts...
Yes. He's come into my house without me knowing trying to see if the lies are real.  
                              (Right now in the comments I'm so calm about this crisis