All The Reasons Why || Natsu Dragneel

All The Reasons Why || Natsu Dragneel

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hwarang promoter By -milkywayy Updated Jan 25, 2017

What happens when a depressed, suicidal girl meets the happiest boy in Fairy Tail? Natsu Dragneel is in the guild's strongest team while (Y/N) is a loner with severe depression issues. When Team Natsu are on a mission, somehow, they accidentally stumble upon (Y/N), making their lives collide. (Y/N) has always been told what a horrible person she is but Natsu is determined to prove all those people wrong. Natsu goes out of his way to tell (Y/N) a reason to why she's special. Yet to (Y/N)'s surprise, the more attention she receives from Natsu the worse her life seems to become.

Will Natsu be able to protect (Y/N) or will she really start to believe all those people who tell her she's not good enough?


Started: July 11, 2016

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HanaLeeSong HanaLeeSong Jul 02, 2017
Hmm... A dark brown that looks like it could be a skin shade on the back of my neck and close to be in between my shoulders.
StrangerThings-_ StrangerThings-_ May 06, 2017
wolfgamergirl2101 wolfgamergirl2101 Mar 17, 2017
Boys always have to best eyelashes And I get short eyelashes WHY WHY
Truthslayer101 Truthslayer101 Oct 28, 2017
I've only read 2 paragraphs, and I already know I'm going to love this story
Happy must be thinking of Sushi everytime he says Lucy's name (._.    )
SomeUseLessUsername SomeUseLessUsername Mar 30, 2017
Wait, do I cut in this story? Because if he grabbed then he would've seen the cuts...