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The Catch-Up (Natsu x Reader)

The Catch-Up (Natsu x Reader)

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Mrs. Nanase By abc863 Completed

(Y/N) (L/N) has always had a crush on Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer. Even though she's only 10 years old and Natsu is 18. But when he and the other strongest wizards in Fairy Tail disappear for 7 years, stuck on Tenrou Island, what will happen to those feelings?

During those 7 years, (Y/N) becomes the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. They may not have been able to keep their amazing guild hall and unable to keep many guild members, but they manage to pay rent most of the time for the shack called their guild hall. All thanks to (Y/N). She takes on almost all of the jobs giving 90% of the reward to the guild to pay for the rent. She even trains all of the guild members, improving everyone's skills.

When the Tenrou Team comes back, what will happen between (Y/N) and Natsu now that they are around the same age?

*^* I will squish you.....
                              And I shall call you squishy.
DDsYaoiclub DDsYaoiclub Aug 10, 2016
Once I was 10 years old my Natsu said nothing and left without me! Once I was 10 years old!
Prim1Rose Prim1Rose Sep 01, 2016
Heh I'm pretty tall I'm 5'6 but I have to look up to all the guys and they call me short and I just get really pissed off and I say that I'm going to kick their asses
Just because you taller don't mean I cant drop you. *tries to do high kick but falls on my face*......NAILED IT.
my_name_is_killua my_name_is_killua Nov 13, 2016
OH YA CALLING A FULLMETAL  PIPSQUEAK!!!!! oh wait wrong anime
MagicCupcakeYT MagicCupcakeYT Nov 01, 2016
Happy is like an ant compared to me why just why HAPPY IMMA CRUSH YOU