Natsu's Twin {Watty Awards 2014}

Natsu's Twin {Watty Awards 2014}

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"Look Mira-nee, if Natsu had a twin sister, wouldn't she be cute?" Lissana asked Mirajane while she made some small pigtails on Natsu's hair.
"Hahaha! Of course she will!" Mirajane respond while giggling.
"Really...?" Natsu said while sweat-dropping.
"That's so gross..." Elfman said while walking away.
"Just imagine... Natsu having a twin sister..." Lissana say while looking at Natsu and then smiles.
"Where is Natsu Dragneel?!?!?!" A girl shouted while she crashed the guild doors and started looking for the Dragon Slayer kid...

Natsumi Dragneel is Natsu Dragneel twin sister, but he doesn't remember about her. Why doesn't he remembered about his sister? Does he hate her or did something happened between those two? People say that she brings sadness and catastrophy wherever she goes because she's cursed, and so as Natsu. 

What would happen next? Does the twin Dragon Slayes get free from the curse? Or will they become enemies to Fairy Tail? The adventure starts right away! What are you waiting for?

[I do not own Fairy Tail.]

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Did anyone else think of Mephisto from Blue Exorcist? No? Just me? Ok...
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MIIINNNNE *says in demon voice which scares the crap out of everyone*
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Magic Stick Definition:
                              1.Germany's Shtick Friend.🇩🇪
                              2.Judar's Wand.🖤
                              3.Harry Potter (Not much to explain).⚡️
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