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Fairy Tail: Legend of the Fallen (A NaLu Fan Fiction)

Fairy Tail: Legend of the Fallen (A NaLu Fan Fiction)

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케이시 By Cryptic_Eyes Completed

"You're so foolish!  Realize there is no future for her!  Thinking no one dies in a war..."
Natsu's eyes shook as he stared down at Lucy's face, which showed closed eyes and a pained expression.
"How pathetic!  Learn this: no matter how much it hurts, innocent lifes fall."  He laughed with an insane edge to it.  "Nothing can save her now!"
Natsu's hands shook as his head bent lower, holding Lucy to him like a lifeline.
"As she takes her last breaths, hold her hand in yours.  Not even your flames, Salamander...or your tears....can change the inevitable!"
Natsu looked up from Lucy, his eyes glowing bright red.  The magic he had obtained from the natives was starting to take affect, and his blood boiled in fury.
"You wanna bet?"  Natsu snarled.

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When Natsu and Lucy, along with the others, head off on another mission as a team, they partake in a mission involving a mysterious set of people known as Sky People--or their formal name: Daonei.  A legend has been twisted and turned on the floating island the Daonei reside on, and it turns out the man who requested the mission wants Fairy Tail to figure out where the myth originated from, and help put a stop to an upcoming tragety.
Without a say, everyone is dragged into a fight to the death.  There is much more going on at the floating island thank anyone realized, and the only way to stop the new enemy is to put an end to the island.  But how will they do such a thing, when they find out Lucy and Natsu are the only ones who can do it?  And...when they figure out Lucy means something to the Daonei people?
Find out what happens in Fairy Tail: Legend of the Fallen!
(A NaLu Fanfiction)

Hehehe he's sitting in the bird like a princess would sit on a horse
I swear my forehead will have a permanent face palm mark by the time I finish this
I'm seeing all these comments about SAO and I'm just like;
                              These are my people! >^<
Every time I see this, my heart races! It's so ancient and awsome and amazing and how do I say this- IT GETS ME FIRED UP! XD
Fluffyladybug22 Fluffyladybug22 Nov 05, 2016
* a small lady bug flies up to Nazis ear and Whispers*
                              Me: kissssss herrrrrr.
How the hell was he supposed to know?! NATSU IS A DENSE BAKA