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The Playboy of Fairy Tail High

The Playboy of Fairy Tail High

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Shadow Cat By sleepingintheshadows Completed


Natsu Dragneel is the well-known playboy of Fairy Tail High. But will his demeanor change when the new transfer with good intentions, Lucy Heartfilia, makes her way to his heart? 

What does Lucy think? 
"'Found a way to his heart'?! I wasn't trying to get to his heart! I was warned about Natsu, don't get me caught in this! Waaaaa!" 

Lucy, who lived in a distant city, moved to become a student at Fairy Tail High, a boarding school in the city of Magnolia. She was pen pals with Levy McGarden before finally moving away from her family to join FTH. But even she holds secrets in this crazy school. 

What does Natsu think? 
"Luce is a cool girl. She didn't immediately fall for me, which made her an interesting project." 
"I- uh- mean that, I wanted to get to know her better! Yeah, that." 

*This is my first NaLu fanfic, but I'm a huge fan! I'm sorry if this story sounds a lot like other FT in a High School stories, but it's all my imagination! Also not as cliché as it sounds!! :3
*also, sorry if the summary sucks :P
DISCLAIMER: Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail and the characters, for which I thank him, because FT is amazing! <3 I own the plot to this story
please comment, tell me what you think!

[STARTED: (before posting here) March 11, '15]
[FINISHED: (around) June 28, '15]

Lisanna! I love Lisanna, second favorite side characters... don't hate her!
First of all that was my favorite song back in 2014 and umm do in hear a roast battle?
Girl Lucy won't take Gajeel she's already with Natsu (in the future that Lucy doesn't know about, yet)
Eww Poor Levy! She has to share a room with a peice of Lasagna
cyanglimmer cyanglimmer May 04
I just realise something y are they so many ships with lucy i mean its really about nalu and a bit of gale
cyanglimmer cyanglimmer May 04
Ya lucy its called friendship! Better yet mlp fim ( my little pony friendship is magic)