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King of turkeys By Kingishspider Completed

Fairytail FanFiction!!!!

Natsu and happy go on a mysterious mission that no one knows much about. All they know is that it was directed for Natsu Dragneel.
The mission was supposed to last one week. 
Happy came back after when he was supposed to, but he was not with Natsu that causes the  guild to go into panic mode. 
When trying to find Natsu, they run into his past and can't believe it.
They don't find Natsu until 3 years later.
What happened in those 3 years?
Where has he been?
Why was happy not with Natsu for those years?
Will they find out? 
What happened in his past?

(I know Natsu's past had kinda been revealed in the manga but I wanted to create my own idea for Natsu past.)
Will be swearing (^人^)

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shouldn't gray beat a FIRE DEMON
                              specious at the start  -__-
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Dec 27, 2016
Don't take handouts! Old ladies that don't show their faces give you drugs
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Dec 27, 2016
Reminds me of Rosemary, Erza's home town. *le gasp* what if the cultists are there??
Fairy7tail7fan7 Fairy7tail7fan7 Mar 06, 2016
Good job☺️I like it^-^if you make any ships with Natsu it should be gray gratsu forever😋😉