Mortal (A Valiant Novel)

Mortal (A Valiant Novel)

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jesusfreak202 By jesusfreak202 Completed

Jace is a slave on earth in an era when humans are enslaved to their superior species - Ietons. 

Falling in love with a the daughter of his owner is forbidden, but Jace can't stop himself from being drawn to her. 

Then, dark creatures come, beasts from another world. They won't stop until all of earth and everyone in it, is destroyed.

  • beasts
  • dark
  • destroyed
  • earth
  • era
  • humans
  • slaves
  • species
Those owners have ALL of the slaves thoughts in their head?! That sounds painful & an additional motivation not to enslave people
-DenisED1- -DenisED1- Aug 02, 2017
well that is a easy way out, just cross the boundairy to suicide :P
                              you would think they will give a slave worse punnishment then deas if they tryed to escapd
Ranger_of_the_North Ranger_of_the_North Oct 21, 2016
Aw, poor Nasan... He's already had such a hard life *sniffs*
CCWinters CCWinters Jun 19, 2016
I liked that! It reminded me of the pod races in Star Wars :)
UnathleticAlien UnathleticAlien Jan 27, 2017
                              I feel like that was highschool musical or something
sarsar14 sarsar14 Jun 19, 2016
The writing may be juvenile a little, but it's still very intriguing and enjoyable!! :D