Alpha Of All Werecats

Alpha Of All Werecats

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Catherine By CatMaster17 Completed

*Book 2 of Reuniting The Council Series*
Alseia was just an ordinary Alpha's daughter. After years of waiting for her first shift, it finally came. But instead of shifting into a wolf she shifted into a white tiger instead. And her father who loved her dearly, banished her for being different, because he thought having a werecat in the pack would make the pack weak, merciful and soft. But interesting enough no other werecats existed until Alseia's first shift. 

After being banished from her pack she left, finding new best friends Allaryce and Karla. Who were chased from their pack as well all because they were werecats . Deciding to stick together, they travel the world. Ending up meeting many other werecats without a home, all because they weren't werewolves. 

Over time of there travels they soon find the home of the first werecats ever to cross the earth, Alseia learns many things... From past and present, what will happen?

Heading towards a territory saved for werecats for a hundred years. For the next Alpha werecat.
With Alseia being the Alpha of all Werecats what will happen?
But what happens if a the Alpha of a fierce wolf pack is right next to her clan of werecats?
Who's Alseia's mate? Could it  be another werecat? Or a werewolf?
Will Alpha Alseia be able to keep her clan together or will it break apart?

Don't be surprised if their comes a twist plot! :D
This series will go between different super naturals views. Through there journeys until the last book which, I wont uncover until later on.
HeathaDragonMaster  helped write this. Thank you so much for the help :)