The Alpha's Babies

The Alpha's Babies

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"You're pregnant" Chace stated. My eyes widened.

Oh shit.

If you had told Lottie that her boyfriend of 4 years and best friend since diapers were sleeping together and that she slept with the Rivals Alpha she would laugh in you face.

So what happens when it actually happens? But what happens when she finds out shes.


A/N: It doesn't matter what order you read the stories in but it would be best to read them in order as there will be spoilers. Enjoy ☺️

*WARNING* I first wrote this when I was 13 so please excuse the mess at the start of this book, it gets moderately okay in the middle somewhere. Hopefully.

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I would be both super angry and heartbroken if my best friend were to to that since me and her are like sisters and I've known her since the 3rd grade
Llamayy Llamayy Aug 03
Boi if you don't with you lying ass you were pounding into her crusty tuna fish cooch a few seconds ago
edithcollins edithcollins Apr 12, 2016
So far so good.....I liked that you didn't beat around the bush about the friend and the boyfriend.
That poor thing she'll never be able to get that image out of her head
I confuse is the boyfriend/best friends is the rivals alpha or not
Andreagulley65 Andreagulley65 Dec 01, 2015
He just so happened to go to the rest room and fell deep in his girlfriend best friend vagina yea right this is something that's been going on for a while don't ya think.