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Werewolves and Werecats

Werewolves and Werecats

1.4M Reads 49K Votes 37 Part Story
Alexa By Wild_Forever Completed


Sadness.Hate.Anger.Pain.  That's all the feeling Maria feels. Her pack abuses her mentally and physically all because she transforms into a cat and not a big bad wolf. There are a few werecats and all say there weaker then omegas and humans but what happens when all werecats transform into something fiercer,faster, stronger and a lot more meaner then wolfs what happens when they turn into bigger cats like tigers,cheetahs,and lions?

         Maria is a 17 year old werecat. Like all werecats she gets treated like crap from her own pack. But what happens one day when she starts healing faster looking more beautiful and starts getting stronger? And what happens when the person she is suppose to love for life rejects her and she finally has enough and snaps.  

          Xavier is the 17 year old Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack. He has been waiting for his 18 birthday so he can find his mate. On the day of his 18 birthday he finds out his mate is a weak pathetic werecat so he does the only thing he thinks of and rejects her but what Xavier doesn't know is that she is very special and quite strong.

( SECOND BOOK CONTINUED BY @Fuxkingfantastic )

bxileey bxileey Mar 28
"I don't have the body of a model"
                               "I have curves"
                               "I am skinny"
                               MAKE UP YOUR MIND WHAT
KLeviBear KLeviBear Aug 20, 2016
She cries bout a broken wrist, but what bout Maria's broken rib cage?
Kawaiilla Kawaiilla Sep 28, 2016
                              *starts coughing like a dying whale to get attention*
                              No :)
earlyalila earlyalila Oct 10, 2016
Don't cry kid we will make a plan to kill them all and beg for mercy *turns to everybody* you all can help everyone is welcome to help with the plan
Nyrala Nyrala Oct 06, 2016
Yup. When I cry, I'm not actually crying, I'm just sweating from watching all my favourite people die in movies and TV shows, and I'm using my eyes to watch.
Hahajdhdh Hahajdhdh Aug 11, 2016
Them beating Werecats for fun shows that they are a shitty pack and should rot in hell then come back to life and rot in hell over and over again