The Dragon's Master (NaLu)

The Dragon's Master (NaLu)

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In a land where men and woman who had the power of dragons and gods. There wasn't many of these people left in the world but for every Dragon there was a Dragon master. The Dragon Master was the Dragon's mate. Dragons and their Masters show their powers at a very young age and are sent to temples to train right away. 

One day a young Princess was meant to train as a Dragon Master but on her way to the temple she was kidnapped and then never found, so many thought she had died but as the years went by she lived as her kidnappers slave. The young Princesses powers started to grow leading her Dragon slowly towards her but what will happen once the 2 finally meet? 

What happens when she learns the truth? About her past? About her powers and the destiny she is in?

This will be my second time reading I love it so much ❤️
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Holy shitu why is the the little mermaid. Music is the magic