Lost in the Whirlwind (Naruto Fanfic)

Lost in the Whirlwind (Naruto Fanfic)

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Kono By KonohaLover Updated Aug 26

Dying for her was quick and easy. Too bad reincarnation isn't, especially when it's in your favorite anime where children throw knives and people kill for a living.
Naka was no one special. 

She was a typical orphan with brown hair and guarded brown eyes.

She was completely plain, passable for a background character that wasn't meant to appear twice.

She was a quiet girl who would rather keep to herself than to stand out.

But Naka had a secret no one else knew. 

She knew Death.


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ConstantTea ConstantTea Aug 22
Imagine how much it'll suck to be a kid for her because she's going to live through puberty again. On top of that because of the way children's brains are a day is much longer for them
In every reincarnation story I read They end up getting hit...........I LIKE IT! XD
I just realized this was in my library and reading list yet I haven't even went through one page and I realized this my voice went demonic and I was like "I hAvEn'T rEaD tHiS yEt"
LinA-rt LinA-rt Sep 05
Fantastic baby 
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                              Boom shakalaka boom shakalaka
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                              * I've always wanted to do this when I just read the word fantastic😊
I scared my brother and he was like "What kind of drug are you On?"
Well, that’s not normal infant behavior. But honestly, I’d be relieved that it wasn’t screaming bloody murder like I did…