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Creations Writer By CreationsWriter Updated Nov 14, 2017

This story is fill with SANS.
Oh my god - v -
This story is a Fluff/Lemon. So if you like more stories, then ask me! 
Ad for all you sinners that want Lemon (sin) I can help you :33
Undetale AU belong to ALL the right owners

I just make stories

But please bare with me cause I'm bad with grammar and spelling. 

My English isn't so good but I'm trying to get better. 
Haha I hope you like reading my book.. 
Or don't lol
Please don't hate me or report me because I don't want drama or issues. 
Thank you

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lettuce_ari lettuce_ari Jul 20, 2016
(BOI) ima have someneeeee  yandereeee uhh sanscipher?? Ye pretty sure that's a kind of sansss       
                              Sanscipher . . .
Jade_The_Unnoticed Jade_The_Unnoticed Jun 14, 2016
Underswap sans x Reader lemon or Outertale sans x Reader lemon?
CheesyCakeCoffee CheesyCakeCoffee Jul 14, 2016
Horrortale Sans-Yandere lemon,Where its forced and  Sans is yandere
DarkStarAutoconPrime DarkStarAutoconPrime Jun 05, 2016
Horrortale Sans x reader and Underworld Sans x reader please?
Enderbrine0628 Enderbrine0628 Jun 18, 2016
Horror tale sans x reader lemon. NOT FORCED, READER IS OK WITH IT!!
Amelie265 Amelie265 May 22, 2016
Swapfell sans x sister reader x swapfell papyrus if you know swapfell au